One Reporter Tells All About Using Wen By Chaz

People look to online sites today in order to help them stay on top of the latest in fashion news. Many people find it helpful to search out information about hair care products they might want to use at home. A given hair care product may look nice. However, users can be reluctant to try it because they are not sure about the results they can expect. For a busy working woman, it can be really hard to decide if they want to risk using a product of this kind and have results that are not what they need when going to work.

A Reporter Does The Leg Work

Fortunately, in the case of Wen By Chaz, one reporter has done the work for her customers. In a recent article in Bustle Magazine, one reporter decided to let go of her normal hair products and try something else instead. She allows readers to follow her each day as she let go of her standard hair routine and tried items by Wen By Chaz instead. Her pictures and YouTube videos are highly detailed. She includes exactly what she did to her hair each day when she was using them rather than her standard items.

Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is one of the hottest of an entirely new line of fabulous hair products that consumers can pick from Amazon. Women everywhere have been pleased to find that they work with this line and get hair that is just as they had hoped. Using the natural products offered here can be the perfect solution for the busy working women who needs her hair to look great the second she steps into her office space each day. She can count on the products here to give her the look she wants without fail. Visit the website,


July 19, 2016

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Thor Halvorssen’s Model for Activism

Thor Halvorssen has had a rough time trying to raise awareness on human rights. The activist suffered outright physical beating from those who serve tyrants. The Weekly Standard has published an intriguing article about the man and some of the troubles he has had to endure.

Halvorssen has suffered physical beatings from Vietnamese authorities during his global adventures. Friends and family have also suffered similar punishments. When he father tried to expose corruption in Venezuela, the elder Halvorssen’s physical altercations while imprisoned were brutal.

In many parts of the world, things are run by tyrants. Thor Halvorssen works very hard to expose human rights abuses and embarrass those in positions of authority. He runs the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), which is based out of New York City. Halvorssen has made numerous appearances on cable news programs promoting his causes. In doing so, he raised awareness about a host of important issues that are sometimes neglected and unfortunately so.

Halvorssen shares a kinship with dissidents throughout the world. No one should see this as shocking. They all share the same cause. A bit of confusion abounds when it comes to defining Halvorssen’s political leanings. Since he is critical of left-wing dictatorships, he has been labeled a right-wing activist. Halvorssen shuns this label and prefers to use the description “classical liberal”. Libertarians like to use the same moniker.

Ultimately, Thor Halvorssen’s exact political leanings are unimportant. What is important is his ability to shed light on human rights violations and abuses throughout the world.

July 18, 2016

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JustFab Gets A Good Review In The LA Times

JustFab was just written up in the LA Times as a great change for women who are shopping for clothes. Women who love clothes need to have a place where they can literally find every single thing they could ever want, and that is why JustFab is the best choice for all these women. That means that all these women are going to find the clothes they need, and then they are going to feel like they have finally found something that works for their bodies. Source:

Women who come to JustFab will notice that they can get shoes with their clothes, and they will also start to find accessories that are really nice. It merely depends on what women want when they are shopping. There is a color palette for every woman that will work the best, and then women can find the shoes and accessories they need that are most helpful. Women just need to make a decision about how they are going to choose their clothes, and then they can buy them all from JustFab.

JustFab also offers more sizes and selections than any other company. They are so diverse that women will be able to get the results they want without a thought, and the company provides women with a wide range of sizes across all the clothes they sell. That means women who are two different sizes will be able to match each other, and they will still be able to get the accessories that they need. It is a much easier for women to shop at JustFab as online retailer, and that is why they are so popular.

The popularity of JustFab is something that women can use to their advantage because they are going to be able to make real changes to their style, and then they can buy these items for less on every purchase. It is an easy way for women to look great, and it helps them get coordinated.

July 16, 2016

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Norka Luque’s Music Is Addictive According To The Billboard Music Charts

The fame and the fortune that comes with making it to the top of the music industry attracts musicians from all over the world. But reaching the top isn’t easy. Thousands of people try to break into the music world every year, but very few succeed. Talent is just one of the ingredients needed to produce a hit record and continue to produce hits year after year. It takes a certain style, a unique resilience, and a strong desire to battle the challenges that people face in the music business. Norka Luque, the Venezuelan-born singer, is one of the people that has all the assets to achieve long-lasting stardom in the music world. Norka is not a one-hit wonder. Norka has the talent, education, desire, and the resilience it takes to become the next big star in the pop music world.

Norka worked hard to be discovered. The road to producing her first album took her from Venezuela to France where she studied business during the day and sang in the dance clubs at night and on the weekends. Here small group, Bad Moon Rising, had a unique sound that combined reggae with funk and rock and the clubs were filled every night the band played, and Norka sang. In 2006, Norka decided she was ready to move to Miami where her unique Latino sound would be appreciated. Norka found a job on South Beach, and that was the start of what she calls her cross-over years. The word spread that a young Venezuelan singer was burning up the dance scene in Miami and Emilio Estefan, the famous record producer and husband of Gloria Estefan, was one of the people that heard about her. Emilio and his team, composer Arche Pena and Luigi Giraldo decided to produce Norka’s first album. The first singer from that album was released in 2011. Norka was nominated for best female vocalist of the year when that single, “I Can Do It” was released.

Norka’s second release from that album, Milagro, was an instant hit, and it became a cross-over hit in the dance clubs in the Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. Norka released her third single, Tomorrowland in 2016, and it is climbing the Billboard Charts. Norka’s unique singing style has earned her the right to sing with her childhood idols, and she wouldn’t change a thing about how she got where she is today. Norka is still the same friendly, compassionate and loving woman she has always been in spite of her success. Find Norka Luque on Facebook to learn more about her music.

July 14, 2016

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Duda Melzer Is In Charge Of One Of The Top Multimedia Groups In Brazil

There is a lot of news to cover in Brazil these days. The outbreak of the Zika virus at the end of 2015, the pending impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, the Summer Olympics, and the never ending coverage of Brazilian football are just some of top news stories covered by one of Brazil’s Media giants, the RBS Group. The RBS Group has been covering news stories ever since Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho started the company in 1957. Nelson Sirotsky took over as president and chairperson of the Southern Brazil company and remained in that position until his nephew Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer took control of the company in 2016. Eduardo has always been called Duda Melzer.

Duda Melzer attended Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul where he earned a degree in business administration. He was accepted at Harvard and earned an MBA from that Ivy League University. Duda was always interested in the franchising business, so he got involved in Sweet Sweet Way a sweet shop with locations in Brazil and Argentina. Duda also managed Box Top Media, a New York-based media group before joining his family’s business in 2004. Duda was the national marketing manager of the company for six years and in 2010, he was named vice-president of Business Development for the RBS Group. In January 2016, Duda replaced his uncle, Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky, as President and Chairman of the Group.

Melzer is in charge of his family’s media empire, which at last count, employed 6,500 people. Those people work for the 24 TV stations, nine newspapers, and the 18 radio stations controlled by RBS. Duda is also responsible for a digital news agency. Duda is also a member of the Ethical Counsel, and he sits on the Board of the Services Associations of Rio Grande.

Learn more:

July 12, 2016

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Beneful Dog Food for Overweight Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can have all sorts of health issues. Many of these issues can be linked to your pet’s weight. Here are four Beneful products by Purinastore that can help you maintain or keep off your pooch’s pounds.
Beneful Healthy Weight
This is an obvious choice for pet owners trying to keep their dogs at a healthy weight. This product contains 100% of the nutrition your dog needs, but at only 10% of the calories of the regular blend. This means that your dog can eat the same amount of food he’s used to without the extra calories.

Beneful Incredibites Wet Food
The Incredibites line of wet dog food is great for smaller dogs. These cans of wet food come in 3-ounce portions, so your dog won’t overeat. They’re balanced for 100% nutrition, as well, which is important to keep your pet healthy.

Beneful Chopped Blends
Chopped Blends is another line that is great for picky dogs who prefer wet food. One of the advantages of this product is that it comes in a plastic container with a resealable lid. This allows you to serve a smaller portion or mix it in with dry food and keep it in the fridge for later.

Beneful Baked Delights
Just because your dog’s on a diet doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a treat. The Beneful Baked Delights line is a great alternative to the traditional hard biscuits. They’re baked, so there isn’t any excess oil or fats in the treats. The snacks are also small, so it’s much harder to overfeed. See page:

Remember that the best way to keep your dog at a healthy weight is a combination of healthy, nutritionally-balanced food and regular exercise.
Beneful products are available on supermarkets like Wal-mart and most pet supplies store.

June 21, 2016

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QNET Partners With Sharp To Sell New Products

QNET has announced that they are now in a strategic partnership with the Japanese electronics giant, Sharp. They are joining forces to sell Sharp’s Plasma Cluster Air Purifier in India through QNET’s vast network of direct sales associates. It will be branded as a Sharp-QNET product.

Kishalay Ray, speaking on behalf of Sharp Business Systems India Private Ltd., expressed Sharp’s pleasure with getting to do business with the fast-rising QNET, which has built a large marketing base in parts of India. He also felt that QNET’s product lines that promote health and wellness would be a perfect fit for Sharp’s Air Purifier products. The plan is to keep exposing QNET associates to more products and services that promote good health and happiness in all parts of India and throughout the world. QNET is continuing to innovate and create great new relationships.

Someone from QNET India said they see this as a big “win-win” for both QNET and Sharp. He said the purifier unit fits well in QNET’s niche of health care products and services. QNET has become a member of Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA) of India to work to improve the healthiness and richness of their lifestyles. QNET has recently made a large commitment to helping everyone in India live healthier. They have even donated generously to the Home of Hope mission in Bangalore. It helps over 200 poor adults recover their health with a two-month-long program. Read more about the efforts of QNET around the world.

June 10, 2016

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College Athletes and Social Media Presence

When building their reputation, a college athlete must be educated in the effects of social media. It can be a helpful tool or a deadly weapon for these young students. No matter how one looks at it, these online sites, like facebook at twitter, are seen by all, even future employers.

Some schools, like Purdue, see twitter as to big of a threat and require their athletes not to use it during the season. Even if an athlete is not using twitter themselves, they need to realize they can still show up on it. David Ablauf, Michigan’s associate athletic director, said it best “We live, almost, in a transparent world today. Every person that you walk by has the potential to be a reporter.” Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson, IU basketball players, learned this the hard way when a random person snapped and posted pictures of them being ticketed at a nightclub while underage. A schools reputation, as well as an athletes, rides on these young adults’ conduct. This is why education and awareness is key for these developing athletes.

Other schools see it as a way for an athlete to build their personal brand. They see the benefit of it when used to promote departments, events, and positive news. Being in the spotlight is something these athletes must learn to use as a way of building a strong reputation. Luckily, the new era brings athletes that have adapted and understand the online world well. They understand thier college years are one long interview and their social media is their resume.



May 31, 2016

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Fabletics: A Fun, Trendy Brand Of Athleisure

One trend you might notice more often nowadays is the large amounts of women who wear atheleisure wear as their casual clothing. The rise of athleisure like in Fabletics, according to one article, is one that keeps on increasing and staying on trend. With sleek looks, bold colors and comfortable material, the concept of athleisure is quite easy to understand. Whether you’re a very active person who visits the gym or frequently works out, or you enjoy the comfort of athleisure clothing , this fashion trend in Fabletics is one that seems to have made quite a statement.

The article featured at discusses how athleisure has become so desirable to women of all shapes. It’s comfortable materials and versatile pieces can be paired with your normal casual wear for even more of a fashionable look. Did you know that in 2015, two hundred million dollars of athleisure was sold to consumers in America? One brand called Fabletics is one that has made quite a fan base with their fun and “fab” athleisure wear. Their spokeswoman and co-creator Kate Hudson helps to promote the brand and what it has to offer to fans of athleisure.

You can subscribe to Fabletics at a reasonable monthly cost which is a favorable benefit to customers. Instead of paying high costs like you might with a brand like Nike, you can receive your athleisure at a modest price. Not to mention, athleisure is delivered to your door monthly so you can continuously add to your athleisure wardrobe. Simply join and set your preferences and sizes and watch you closet grow!

May 28, 2016

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The Story of a Determined Defector

Growing up in one of the most repressive countries across the globe was a nightmare to Yeomni Park. In her Amazon released book of In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, Park notes that she was not aware of what freedom entailed and didn’t even understand the concept. Freedom being an impossible dream, all she cared about was having food.

Park’s journey to freedom starts with her first steps away from North Korea back on March 31, 2007. Yeonmi Park recounts how she and her mother crossed Yalu River deep in the night and arrived in China with no idea on the next course of action. Merely thirteen years old, Park had to endure a lot in her escape journey. They had to cross the harsh Gobi desert, to the insecure Mongolian border, and eventually land in South Korea by Plane.
Park’s perseverance and determination to survive propelled her to endure the pains and struggle throughout the journey. Her journey was characterized by constant abuse, risk of suicide, and starvation. According to Park, her father died without tasting freedom or knowing whether democracy exists anywhere in the world.
Although her story has captured interests of thousands of readers across the globe, some of them have attempted to discredit the major parts of her story. Others claim that there are discrepancies in her survival story. Amid all the criticism, Park holds strongly that her story is true. She says that some details were changed a bit for the security of her family members still residing in North Korea.
About Yeomni Park
Yeonmi Park is a popular human rights activist, a public speaker, and a writer. She was born in 1993 and raised in Hyesan, a North Korean City, under the oppressive and dictatorial leadership of Kim Jong-II. Since defecting from North Korean, Park has told her story in popular television programs and journals. Apart from being interviewed by The Guardian, Park’s story has appeared in the Washington Post. Yeonmi is an active volunteer of popular activist programs like the Freedom Factory Corporation as well as Liberty in North Korea. Park believes North Korea will regain its freedom if activists like her and other defectors continue condemning the oppressive Kim Dynasty. This article was originally posted on;


May 16, 2016

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