George Soros and his role in 2016 Presidential Election

George Soros is without any doubt, one of the biggest donors and supporters of American Liberal causes and the Democratic wing. He is one of the richest men from the USA with more than $24 billion in his portfolio. But he is more than that. George Soros is a political activist and a philanthropist with a clear understanding of how a government can make an impact on the nation and the citizens. Hence, he has been working throughout his life to support and promote democracy in the USA and other parts of the world.

George Soros has been an active supporter of the Democratic party as he strongly believes that this the best group that understand the best interest of the USA. This is why; he has been donating generously to support this Group, and he also played a vital role in shaping their policy making process through political advocacy on and activities. In 2004 election, Soros was considered as one of the largest donors for Democratic Party who helped the party to fight against Bush campaign. George Soros was quite concerned about the perspective and mindset of Bush, and this is why he spent a big fortune that time. However, once Bush won the election, he reduced his political donation and focused on philanthropic causes.

While Soros made a significant amount of Donation to Obama in the election on, he made a huge buzz with his donations and commitment to donate a massive $26 million in the presidential election between Donald and Clinton. To Soros, Trump is nothing but an imposter who ran the election to build his brand only, and he was also worried that Trump would lead the USA to crisis issues on Investopedia with his drastic approach. Hence, he returned to the political arena with full support to Hillary and opened up his wallet.

Although it is not confirmed how much Soros spent in the Election to support the Democratic party as some organizations didn’t disclose the information, it is considered that he is one of the leading donors to the Democratic party in this election. Among his donations, a major portion of $7 million went to a super PAC called Priorities USA Action that supported Hillary. In addition to this, Soros also pledged additional $3 million to the same PAC as well. Soros also donated an opposition research super PAC called American Bridge 21st Century with a generous amount of $2 million that was fighting with Trump and other Republican candidates. On top of that, he also donated an additional $700,000 to a number of Democratic campaigns, PACs, and committees as well.

Soros also considered diversity aspect for this election and helped a PAC that have been working on such causes. Soros donated Immigrant Voters Win an amount of $3 million to motivate the Hispanic voters and increase their participation in key swing states. Also, he donated $5 million to Voting Rights Trust that was working against conservative efforts to restrict voting in the election. Another $2 million of his donation went to America Votes and $1.5 million to Senate Majority PAC and another 1.5 million to Planned Parenthood Votes PAC. Besides these, Soros also made numerous donations to some Democratic causes and organizations which are not disclosed yet.

February 19, 2017

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Fabletics Takes on Amazon in David and Goliath Styled Battle

One of the most interesting battles of 2017 will be between Fabletics and Amazon. This is a David and Goliath type of war, and everyone that shops online knows that Amazon is definitely Goliath. Fabletics is a failing business even though it has more than a million customers. This is a business that grew online, it continued to flourish as a couple of stores open throughout the United States. Now there is a lot of talk about how this company may possibly lure more customers with as many as 100 new stores within the next five years.


It is very possible that the physical stores are the smooth stones that David- also known as Fabletics in this scenario – will need in order to maximize profits and knock out the giant that is known as Amazon. This is a company that is headed by Kate Hudson. She is an actress, but there is certainly a strong entrepreneurial spirit that has taken over in the last several years.


Unlike the battle with David and Goliath, this Amazon versus Fabletics battle will not result in death. The rise of Fabletics, however, will certainly put a dent in the profits for Amazon. Both companies have the ability to sell clothing to women, and Amazon currently controls about 20% of this market. Amazon makes billions of dollars each year so it is easy for this company to continue to flourish even in the midst of competition from Fabletics. What is interesting, however, is the way that Fabletics caters primarily to women. This gives the company the ability to build a target market that can lure a lot of the customers away from Amazon. This may be the main reason that Amazon executives are taking note of everything that this company has done. Fabletics is the company to watch, and many people are going to consider what Kate Hudson is offering because her line of clothing is comfortable and durable. That is a rare combination that does not always present itself in the majority of clothes that consumers buy.


Fabletics is definitely the company that consumers can expect to see more of in the next five years. This is a company that has proven that there is a void in the industry, and Kate Hudson has every desire to fill this void. She has shown herself to be one of the best possible choices for leading a new wave of females that want to work out and look good while doing so. Hudson has taken an active role in promoting the clothes that are sold through the Fabletics website. She has made it her business to elevate this company to new heights that could have never been reached if she didn’t take the time to promote the brand herself. Fabletics is still a brand that appeals to a lot of different customers because it is still a novelty. Many people are still unaware of this brand so the newness of it all is still appealing.

February 17, 2017

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Highland Capital Increases its Stake in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund

Recently, the Dallas based finance firm Highland Capital Management increased its position in a fund known as the Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. The SEC has recently revealed that there is currently a total of over 793,000 shares which makes up a total of 5% of common stock. According to the SEC, Highland Capital co founder James Dondero possesses a total of shares exceeding 3 million of Nexpoint Credit Strategies. His firm Highland Capital Management owns a total of over 11 million dollars worth of shares of Nexpoint. With this information in mind, Highland Capital Management is now the second largest stakeholder of Nexpoint Credit Strategies behind Morgan Stanley who currently own over $16 million worth of shares. This fund is currently managed by an affiliate of Highland Capital Management known as Nexpoint Advisors.


James Dondero is the current co founder of Highland Capital Management. He has been running the firm for over twenty years. Dondero first founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1993 after working in the finance field for many years. James has been able to build the firm into one of the most successful finance firms in the world. With offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Korea, Highland Capital Management now has a considerable presence throughout the world. The firm helps a number of large institutional investors more efficiently manage their capital. Highland Capital Management offers a number of options that allow these investors to ensure that their assets are well maintained. This firm offers collateralized loan obligations, private equity securities and also hedge funds.


Dondero first accumulated a considerable amount of education before working in the field of finance. He earned a bachelor’s degree in both accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. When he completed his studies, James would achieve high honors in recognition of his academic performance. Once he finished college, James would begin his career working as a credit investor/analyst. He would hold this position for a few years before moving on to other positions in the finance industry. After many years of experience working in the field of finance, James would attain the position of chief investment officer. When he held this position, he would manage billions of dollars worth of assets. This gave him the first hand experience necessary to eventually start up his own firm.

February 13, 2017

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Thor Halvorssen Stands for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen was born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza in 1976. He is currently a human rights activist who is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum and the president of the Human Rights Foundation. In addition, he is a movie producer with a film in production.

The Oslo Freedom Forum is an annual global gathering of human rights activists held in Oslo. Halvorssen first called a gathering in 2009, and it has been a yearly event since. The event provides a platform for activists to speak freely and share their ideas without having the fear of government oppression. The speakers include people who share the vision that the world can be more peaceful, prosperous, and free.

The Human Rights Foundation is a global non-profit organization that was founded by Halvorseen in 2005. The foundation promotes and protects human rights all over the world. They have fought for the release of political prisoners including Chinese native Liu Xiaobo. Other cases of advocacy for political prisoners occur in Venezuela, Vietnam, and Cuba. They have also defended human rights in Columbia. The main headquarters for the Human Rights Foundation is in New York City, New York.

Halvorssen has also produced/co-produced several films including Freedom’s Fury and Hammer & Tickle. He also produced the documentary, Indoctrinate U, which targets intolerant behavior on college campuses. Finally, Thor Halvorssen is currently producing a film adaptation of a science fiction novel called The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Bryan Singer is acting as the director for this upcoming film.

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February 11, 2017

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Todd Lubar: Adding Value to All he Contacts

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, began his real estate career in 1995. He first worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, as a loan originator. In that position, he learned about mortgage banking. He developed relationships with real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’s, and insurance agents. Those contacts are now the foundation of a wonderful source of referral business. Combining his wonder at every aspect of the industry with his desire to help others, Mr. Lubar chose real estate as his career.

In 1999 Todd acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. His lending capabilities grew, and he began brokering loans for outside investors. See,

In 2002 Mr. Lubar opened a residential development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. He purchased, rehabilitated and sold more than 200 properties, including single-family homes and 20-unit multifamily properties. He established relationships with people in all aspects of the building trade. Through those relationships, he built relationships with banks and established lines of credit as high as 20 million dollars.

In 2003, Mr. Lubar opened Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Charter is one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the U.S. With this affiliation, Lubar expanded his business.

Next, he formed Legendary Financial, LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, and a commercial lending source for companies and individuals.

More than 7,000 transactions helped Todd to develop his analytical abilities. He could analyze the overall risks in nearly any loan scenario and make correct choices based mainly on market conditions.

Todd expanded into other businesses when the mortgage industry began to change in 2007 and 2008. His new ventures included commercial demolition, in which he won large contracts with big general contractors. He also entered the automotive scrap metal recycling business.

Todd Lubar resides in Bethesda, Maryland. He is the father of two lovely children. He loves his kids, traveling, and Orange County, CA. He plans to be a better person each day and to add value to all that he contacts. Check out his personal website at

More information on Mr. Lubar available on his Tumblr page and spokeo bio.

February 9, 2017

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CTRMA offers traffic solutions for Williamson

Traffic is a menace many different cities, but it seems that this is going to be a thing of the past in Williamson. In a summit that was held at Sheraton Georgetown Texas hotel, the stakeholders discussed the various ways on how the traffic situation in Austin could be improved.



In attendance were; Mike Heiligenstein the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Joseph Kosper founder of the RideScout LLC, Leandre Johns the Uber Technologies Texas External Affairs Director and Jared Ficklin of the ArgoDesigns.



The main agenda of the summit was to discuss how technology was changing the traffic sector. In his opinion, Mike noted that even though the new technology was improving the transport department, there was still a lot of improvement that needs to be done on the roads. There is a need to build smarter roads that can cater to the capacity of the town.



The town is expanding, and more people are settling in town and the technology in is not enough to sustain the population of the people. In his opinion on the matter of policymakers, Jared said that the land and the building codes need to remain flexible. He continued to explain the importance of maximizing on the spaces available. The parking garages need to be at least five feet tall and should have multiple levels.



While the discussing the impact of technology on traffic, John emphasized that the commuters in Austin need lasting solutions that will get them on the public transit. He stated that Uber would work with the people to find suitable solutions.



This was the 19th annual Austin Williamson County Summit.



About Mile Heiligestein



Mike is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. This is an independent government agency that was created in 2003 to improve the transport sector in Williamson and Travis. He has held the position since it was formed. He was selected from the three finalists.



Before he was elected to this position, he was a public officer at Williamson for 23 years; 8 years as the Round Rock city council and 15 years as the Williamson, county commissioner.



In 2009, he was named as the advisory council for the Texas Transportation Institute. He earned his Bachelor degree from the University of Texas and also did his two master degrees from the same university.

Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter



February 7, 2017

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Refinancing Your Car Loan With Ignition Financial Will Cut Your Payments Fast

Buying a new car is fun. But it can also be kind of scary. When you consider the price of a new car, you quickly realize that you are making a very important financial decision. For most people, purchasing a new car adds a significant burden to their familiy’s monthly budget. But most people feel that the benefits of having a safe and reliable vehicle outweigh, or at least offset, to some extent, the financial burden. So, when shopping for a new car, many people are primarily focused on the cost of the car. Unfortunately, far too many people ignore the cost of financing their new vehicle.


One reason that people pay little attention to auto financing is that the don’t have to. Every car dealership in the country is advertising that they can get fast and easy financing for everyone. And they usually can. Car dealers have relationships with hundreds of lenders that will try to arrange a loan for anyone, regardless of their circumstances. In fact, car dealers are experts at evaluating their customers financial status, and matching them up with just the right lender.


Most people mistakenly assume that a car dealer is helping them get financed because he is being a nice guy who just wants to make money on the sale of the vehicle. Nothing can be further from the truth. Auto financing is a major industry; and car dealers make an enormous amount of money from arranging auto financing for their customers. What most people don’t know is that when a car dealer is arranging their car loan, he is putting himself between the lender and the customer.


Since auto financing is such a big business, there is fierce competition among financial institutions to get their share of the market. One tool that lenders use to encourage car dealers to use their company is to offer the dealer a way to profit on the deal. Simply put, the bank offers to give the loan at one interest rate and the dealer is allowed to present the loan to an unsuspecting customer at a higher interest rate. And this extra interest results in the unsuspecting buyer paying way higher monthly car payments than she should otherwise be paying.


If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair. Simply call Ignition Financial and ask them, “How can I slash my payments?” The experienced professional staff at Ignition Financial will quickly set you on the path to refinancing your auto loan so that you can immediately reap the benefits of having drastically lower car payments.

February 1, 2017

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