Dick DeVos’ Incredible Giving Spirit to Help Others

Dick DeVos is a prominent American businessman as well as a great author based in Michigan. Dick DeVos’ wife Betsy DeVos was interviewed about her philanthropic activities which she and Dick have engaged in, for an extended period. Betsy attended the Calvin College where she began her political life. She continued with politics and is the current Secretary of Education in the United States. Dick has also vied for the Governor position of Michigan.


Betsy stated that she was excited that approximately 250,000 students were being funded to acquire an excellent education. The movement that made it possible for the kids to learn in private-choice programs was growing, and more students are benefiting. The expansion has extended to regions like Louisiana, Arizona, Mississippi, and much more. Betsy and Dick are part of the movement, which they joined when their children reached the right age to attend school. The couple saw how some parents were struggling to have their children receive the best education and this inspired them to help out. Since then the couple has managed to help many children by donating funds and improving the learning experience.


According to me, couples should be supportive of one another just like Betsy and Dick DeVos. As a team, they have achieved a lot, and they keep on moving forward. Dick DeVos, the son of Richard DeVos, was born in Grand Rapids in 1955. Richard held the CEO position of Amway as the co-founder of the firm. The company is involved in the distribution of consumer goods. Dick started engaging in the family business when he was young. Dick together with his brother Doug used to usher guests during the Amway’s annual meetings. The experience exposed Dick to public speaking, and he acquired the confidence to face large crowds on his own. Dick had the chance to attend a public school called Forest Hills and later went to Northwood University. Dick holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. DeVos also joined the Harvard Business School, and he has received recognition from different schools.


Dick DeVos is also a famous philanthropist. Dick serves as the President of the foundation they both started with his wife called the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. The organization has donated to institutions such as Kids Hope USA, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Grand Rapids Christian Schools and more. The couple has helped a lot of people in all sectors of life including arts, education, health and much more. Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have brought hope to many souls. I believe the two are destined for greater things in life.


Visit http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

October 31, 2017

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The Offices of Equities First Holdings for Wikipedia

The offices of Equities First Holdings are all around the world so that they can reach all he different corners of the earth and the hemispheres for all their customers. The customers who are with this company have found them in New Zealand, England, South Africa, and Australia. The company has tried to be as inclusive as possible by making sure that they do not ask for a lot of information from their clients, and that is how they have the trust of so many people on each continent. Spreading out to four different places around the world has made them have a footprint that makes them very competitive in the lending industry.

They give people loans that can be serviced in their offices, and they work with people on loans that are exactly what someone needs so that there is no confusion at all about how the clients get the help they need.


October 19, 2017

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Bob Reina: a Respected Entrepreneur Who Leads One of the Best Performing Marketing Companies

Bob Reina is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Talk Fusion. This professional is an expert in video marketing, and he has more than two decades of professional experience. Bob Reina is a liberal leader dedicated to helping the community.


A recap of Bob Reina’s interview with INSPIRERY


In a recent interview with INSPIRERY, Bob Reina revealed interesting details about himself and his career background. Bob Reina told INSPIRERY that he worked as a policeman for over a decade. This job, however, left him unfulfilled because he felt the need to do more. Bob Reina was inspired to start TalkFusion in 2004 when he encountered challenges in sending a video via email. Months later, Bob Reina came up with TalkFusion with the help of his friend and an IT guru, Dr. Jonathan Chen. According to Bob Reina, he took the time to make money and worked harder to ensure that TalkFusion achieved its goals. This businessman is a believer in the power of video. He uses platforms, such as video newsletters, video emails, live meetings, and video chats, to help its customers advertise and operate their business. Bob Reina has continued to lead TalkFusion into one of the leading companies in the marketing industry.


About Bob Reina


Bob Reina is the senior manager of Talk Fusion, America’s top advertising agency. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida and the Tampa Police Academy. Before launching TalkFusion, Bob Reina served as a police officer at Tampa Bay. He first ventured into network marketing while he was still a police officer. Bob Reina worked as a part-time for years up until TalkFusion began to make money. This company has since grown into one of the largest communications company in the world. Bob Reina is dedicated to his staff, associate team, and expanding his billion dollar business. TalkFusion is currently listed as the top 50 companies in the DSA-Direct Selling Association.


Bob Reina loves pets, particularly dogs. He has brought his pets to the office on numerous occasions. He also spends a significant amount of time and money volunteering at various animal shelters. Bob Reina was recently made a member of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, a group that fights for animal’s rights.

October 18, 2017

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OSI Industries Sets The Example In Food Manufacturing

OSI is a formerly family-owned business that grew into an international empire. The company has been able to achieve success by having a diverse approach to business practices and acquiring talent. It brings in the types of visionaries that are in line with what OSI Industries is trying to do. There are recruiting efforts concentrated in the United States, Hungary, the United Kingdom the Asia-Pacific and Germany. Organizational leaders focus on providing a top-notch environment for employees. This practice, in turn, means that OSI Industries has a low turnover rate. Those who come to work there are committed to stay and build careers.

OSI Industries began as a meat market in the early 1900s. Otto Kolschowsky founded the company. Otto was a German immigrant who came to the United States with a vision and established himself as a prominent businessman in the Chicago Illinois area. He called his company Otto and Sons. Otto ran the business with his family and pushed it to tremendous success over the years.

By the 1950s Otto´s sons had taken over the business. They met McDonald’s CEO, Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc needed a meat manufacturer in the area, and he chose Otto and Sons to be a part of his enterprise. The relationship between Otto and Sons and the McDonald’s Organization performed very well. In time they were chosen to be the primary provider of meat for the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

Sheldon Lavin was recommended to oversee the project of Otto and Sons new partnership with McDonald’s. A new meat processing plant would be required to support such a tremendous effort. Sheldon Lavin became involved as an associate initially. Management at the McDonald’s Organization eventually recommended that Sheldon be a part of the operations full-time. Lavin accepted the recommendation because of his tremendous respect for McDonald’s. Sheldon provided the vision for pushing Otto and Sons to an international level.

Soon after Sheldon Lavin took charge of all operations, Otto and Sons became known as OSI Industries. Business has expanded throughout the United States. The company provides a variety of meat services including hamburger patties, meatballs, ground beef, hot dogs, and bacon. For more info about us: http://www.careerbuilder.com/company/osi-group/CHV17N5WK6NZKBLHF7B click here.

OSI is one of the largest privately-owned companies in America according to Forbes. Sheldon Lavin is still actively involved as the organization’s CEO and is driven to push the company for further growth. OSI has acquired other industry organizations such as Tyson Foods, Baho Foods, and Flagship Food Group. The moves are designed to help OSI expand its reach within food manufacturing.

October 13, 2017

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Trabucos: A Study In Warfare

Whatever name is used for these instruments of destruction; Trabuco, Trebuchet, or Catapult there is no denying the power and destructive force behind instrument of warfare. Tracing the lineage of a trabucos is almost like finding a person who is related royalty on every continent. Trabuco were designed used for warfare in China, but made their way onto almost every battleground across the world and were used extensively until the advent of gunpowder.

The trabuco is a relatively easy build. The design can be small or large depending on the distance needed for the throw and the object that needs destroying. The bigger the trabuco, the harder the object is thrown and with a longer distance, so there is a bit of calculating involved. Other than that it takes wood, some metal, a heavy counterweight to power the machine and an object to throw. The trabuco works on the principle of transferring potential energy into kinetic energy by releasing the counterweight. The counterweight will do a fast, full revolution, powering the sling throwing the object. When the trabucos is bigger,the object thrown can knock down walls, decimate advancing armies, and cause a wide path of destruction.

Trabuco originated in China around 400 BC according to youtube.com where they started out as a sling type weapon gradually advancing into a more modern traction based weapon with the invention of the traction bolt by Chinese engineers. Somewhere around 600 AD the weapon was seen on battlefields in Europe. They have been made portable on wheels and manufactured to break down and reassemble fast in thereat of battle. The last recorded use of a trabuco

Based on banco.bradesco, modern trabuco are found mainly in much smaller versions, sitting in science class rooms explaining the use of powerful, but simple, physics. To read more about the fascinating history of the trabuco, please click dicionarioinformal.com.br.

Search more about Trabuco: https://www.infopedia.pt/dicionarios/lingua-portuguesa/trabuco

October 4, 2017

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