Securus Technologies prevents crime through creation of privilege

They say that there’s nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose. Nowhere is this more palpably true than within the nation’s prison system. Any guard who has worked for more than a few months in one of the nation’s prisons will tell you that the most dangerous threat that they will ever face is a prisoner that feels they have absolutely nothing to lose.


But one company, Securus Technologies, has been creating new ways to give prisoners that added dose of hope that can keep them on the straight and narrow while they serve out their time. Through the introduction of technologies as Securus video visitation, Securus Technologies is giving prisoners the ability to stay in touch with their friends and family on the outside, on a nearly constant basis. This ability to maintain strong familial bonds created a privilege that many prisoners find far too precious to give up.


And by creating services that prisoners genuinely have a deep need to utilize, Securus Technologies is also doing its part to maintain safety and order within the nation’s carceral institutions. Now, many prisoners become reliant on Securus video visitation technology, and this gives them the willingness to do whatever it takes to retain the privileges that give them the ability to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones.


On the other hand, prisoners who are not able to avail themselves of this technology oftentimes fall into the criminal lifestyle that prevails within the nation’s prisons. In contrast to inmates who are oriented towards maintaining positive relationships with law-abiding citizens on the outside, prisoners who become socialized to the criminal milieu within the nation’s correctional facilities often value the admiration of their peers more than any privilege that they may have. This gives them a propensity to violence and violating the rules of the institution.


November 29, 2017

Posted In: Inmate Communication