Jeunesse Global’s Luminesce continues to help customers glow with agelessness

Any time a company can go from a startup to competing with some of the top names in an industry, there is bound to be a harrowing tale behind it. But when a company goes from a garage-based hobby business to one of the leaders in a well-established, mature industry, with zero outside financial backing, you’re dealing with a truly once-in-a-generation success story.

Such is the case with worldwide health and beauty powerhouse Jeunesse Global. Founded in 2009 by a pair of Florida retirees who were simply looking for a way to add meaning and activity to their days, Jeunesse Global has rocketed into the stratosphere of the global health and beauty industry. The company, which literally saw its first headquarters located between the couple’s lawn tractor and gas can, has now become a company valued at more than $1 billion, with distributors in nearly every country on Earth and hundreds of millions of dollars in gross sales each year.

Although a story like this may sound like a Paul-Bunyonesque tall tale, it starts to make more sense when we consider that founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were no ordinary retirees. The couple had spent their entire careers in the direct-selling business, founding and growing some of the most successful businesses in that sector. They had amassed a substantial fortune, earning enough money that they easily could have retired for life by their early 30s. And it turns out that the garage out of which they started Jeunesse Global was attached to a mansion of more than 10,000 square feet in an exclusive Florida neighborhood.

Still, the success of Jeunesse has dwarfed everything that even Ray and Lewis had ever accomplished. And most of that success has been due to the company’s great products. Luminesce, the company’s moisturizer and anti-aging skincare lotion is a good example.

Made with the company’s proprietary APT-200 molecule, Luminesce helps skin stay radiant and moist while providing one of the most potent punches against the stigmata of aging that is currently known to science. Luminesce can help erase as much as 10 years off a users’ appearance, helping them to look their best every day.

May 29, 2018

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Mississippi Institute Honors Robert Ivy With The Lifetime Achievement Award

Almost every Mississippi born leader and influencer hopes to get this prestigious yet elusive annual Lifetime achievement award from Mississippi Institute. But this year this grace shines upon American Institute of Architects CEO and executive Vice-chair, Robert Ivy. Robert’s mention marks the first time an architect receives the award since the establishment of the Noel Polk Achievement award. He will be presented with this award on 2nd June in an award hosted at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

The honors

According to Nancy LaForge, the MIAL president, the award is just but an appreciation of the extraordinary individuals whose work of performing, creating or supporting art deserves the special honor. She further supported the reasoning behind honoring Robert Ivy with the award while stressing his contributions towards making architecture accessible to the public health. His work at the helm of the American Architectural Association is further complemented by his previous artistic engagements.

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For instance, Robert Ivy once served as the editor-in-chief for the McGraw-Hill Record, an architectural journal publication. He helped the journal soar to unimaginable heights such as being recognized as one of the most read architectural journal in the world in addition to helping it scope numerous publication awards. Robert also shares credit in helping McGraw-Hill establish a foothold in China as well as the launch of the Mandarin version of the publication.

Robert Ivy would later replicate the success achieved at McGraw-Hill during his tenure as the CEO and EVC of the American Architects. While he was appointed AIA chief executive officer less than a decade ago, Robert has initiated reforms that have had far-reaching impacts on the institution. For instance, the institute’s membership has since grown to a record high in its 160-years of existence. Additionally, the institute has expanded its reach and opened two new chapters in China and Canada to reach seven global chapters.

Bottom line

When making the announcement, Nancy mentioned that the institute wouldn’t be any prouder to have a writer, editor, and a practicing architect carry fly the awards mantle high. Robert joins other top flying celebrities, artists and business leaders who have previously had the honors of winning the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Others include actor Morgan Freeman (2007), writer Shelby Foote (2004), and Singer Leontyne Price (2000). The American Institute of Architects has also expressed their joy as they also showed their CEO and one of their own with praises on scoping this award.

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May 26, 2018

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Fortress Investment Group Core Competencies

Fortress Investment Group started as a pure private equity firm in the year 1998. However, the company extended its services to a wide range of activities including credit, real estate, and permanent capital investment policies. Wesley Edens, Randal and Rob Kauffman are the co-founders of this company. In the recent past, the company’s performance is commendable, and it is as a result of good leadership attributed by Wesley Edens and other principals. The company’s leadership aims at maintaining solid company governance practices and policies. Moreover, the Board of Directors has formulated a framework to ensure a high level of corporate accountability and integrity. As per December 2017 statistics, the company managed assets worth $43.6 billion.

One of the main contributions to Fortress investment Group success is its core competencies. First, the company specializes in asset-based investments hence it has a long time and broad experience. Additionally, the company’s expertise is also evident in pricing and financing of capital assets and real estate properties. Apart from proficiency in asset management, the company has adequate knowledge about the industries it invests. Indeed, the company has formed a group of investment specialists and developed good relationships with prominent institutions and individuals globally. Thirdly, fortress investment group is highly competent in its management operations because it has established tools to assess existing challenges. The company also ensures low-cost and fewer risks when financing its investments as a result of extensive expertise in capital markets. The capital market expertise enables the group to access debt as well as equity capital markets.

Fortress investment group has broad and extensive know-how in acquisitions and corporate merging. Acquisitions experience enables the corporate management to work and get along with various stakeholders. In February 2017, Softbank signed a treaty to acquire Fortress investment group for about cash of $ 3.3 billion. Under this merger treaty conditions, every Class A investor in Fortress would get $8.08 for each share which represented a first-class of 51.2% of Fortress’s 3-month volume-weighted typical price, but it excluded dividend. The senior investment professional remained and their significant contribution to fund performance. However, Fortress operates within Softbank as an independent whereby the three principals, Peter Briger, Randy Nardone and Wes Eden, will continue managing. The Softbank is responsible for sustaining the leadership, brand, personnel, business model, processes, and culture. Moreover, the Softbank has the mandate to get in partners and shareholders a given percentage of the venture.

May 13, 2018

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Ronald Fowlkes  Top Reasons Why Mentorship is So Important to Him

Those who retire from marine or SWAT team often want to spend time relaxing and enjoy their retirement years. They have been giving back to the community and want to continue doing the same once they have retired. Ronald Fowlkes has found a way to do just that while still being able to love what they do. He is one of the top leaders of FirstSpear. The company is in the business of providing tactical equipment to its clients who are mainly soldiers and peacekeepers. He has himself used such supplies while he was in service and it was during that time that he learned how the uniform makes one more efficient.


Ronald Fowlkes has used products from FirstSpear, and during that time he was impressed with the efficiency of the products. When he joined the Police Force, he used the same products there and loved it. Thus, when he was asked to join FirstSpear, he did not hesitate a bit and joined as the leader. His son is part of the St. Louis Blues Triple-A team, and Ronald Fowlkes is their off-ice trainer and also ensures that the team equipment is well taken care of. He also spends time teaching the kids about the importance to keep their gear in the best condition. He believes that the kids understand that the condition of the gear can make them lose a game or win one and it is the reason that they make extra effort to take care of their equipment.


Ronald Fowlkes worked for the Marines after completing his graduation from the Army Parachute School and then joined the Police Force. For him, it is not just about the uniform; he has utmost love and respect for the country that has allowed him to provide long service. Even after his retirement, he wants to serve the people of his country and to those who are trying to keep the country safe. It is the reason why training and being there for the next generation is crucial to him as an individual. He also helps the team with physical training to ensure that they are fit for the games. Since he has learned all about fitness during his life as a marine and police officer, he has been able to help the team win games.


Ronald Fowlkes shares his personal experiences with his son and his team. He believes that by doing so, he has been able to make the children realize that one should respect those who are putting themselves out there for other’s safety. By being a mentor for them, he has allowed children to open up to him and trust him with anything. Mentorship has allowed him to keep fit and also be a guide to the young minds.



May 11, 2018

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Alexandre Gama – International Creative Sensation

Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is the very first Brazilian man to lead the British-Based agency. He was granted title of Global Chief Creative Officer (WCCO) and the only Brazilian member of Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board. The six-member committee includes agency creative leaders in the global company.

Early Career

Alexandre Gama worked at several advertising companies. He began with Standard Ogilvy & Mather in 1982. He was both a creative and copywriter with the company.

Eight years later he moved to DM9. His career move garnered him heightened responsibility as copywriter and Creative Director. By the time Gama had moved to another company, Gama could brag that he was the most-awarded copywriter of his entire generation of Brazilian copywriters.

Gama also worked at Almap BBDO and was a shareholder with the company. He also worked as CEO of Young and Rubicam. In 1996, he joined the Global Board as CCO and member.


In 1999, Gama left Young and Rubicam to start Neogama. Shortly after, in 2008, Gama broke through another barrier to become the first Latin American to present a Master Class at Cannes in France.

In 2002, Gama associated Neogama to BBH, the London-based agency, creating Neogama/BBH though he maintained control by remaining the major shareholder.

In 2016, Gama and Neogama left the BBH network. Gama started a new phase focused on the agency’s roots in Brazil. He retook the name Neogama and operated independently. He also, in 2016, sold Neogama to Publicis Groupe.

Board of Directors

Gama became board member of Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies and took on the responsibility of support and promotions of communications best-practices of Brazil.


Gama has received numerous awards since becoming a creative and copywriter. Both his personal accomplishments and his business accomplishments have been acknowledged internationally since 2006.

Neogama/BBH was named “Agency of the Year” by Meio e Mensagem periodical. It was the first Brazilian agency to win two Golden Lions in the same year in Cannes two main categories: Press and Film.

May 5, 2018

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Talkspace, De-stress With The Best

Talkspace is a company that involves the nurturance of peoples souls as their broken pieces are put back together at the efforts of a psychological analyst. These pieces can be hard to puzzle back together due to the heavy chains of stress one can endure on a daily and even hourly basis. These constraints have an effect on the body that many may turn a blind eye to. Visit Wikipedia to learn more about Talkspace.

The body can fill with stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline which deplete the immune systems while causing the heart to work harder than it has to in order to excert blood throughout the bloodstream. This can trigger muscular discomfort as the hormones constrict the muscle tissues, therefore making them tighter than is necessary. This tension in the human muscular system can also cause rapid breathing, hyperventilation in the respiratory organs, and ultimately it can cause an onset of severe panic attacks in the stressed out sentient being. The purpose of stress in most cases is to enact the survival tactics interwoven in the lower forms of human consciousness located at the reptilian part of the brain.

However, since there is normally no consistent exposure to the volatile experiences in which the stress hormone would prove useful to the survival of the participant when a stressful situation does present itself, this can damage the bodily functions of the subject. Therefore since such an atrocity can harm a person and let’s say a person who does not feel comfortable talking in a physical office, what can be done about it.

The relevant suggestion is basic and precise, and that is to introduce the subject to Talkspace, where the people who work there are a group of dedicated and legitimate individuals who love and believe in what it is they do. Many workers in the business system also exclaim that they can sense a closer connection with their prospects than they would in a traditional office setting. A participant who conducts therapy on what it is that is causing the stress may find alleviation in their symptoms after all.

May 1, 2018

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