Academy of Art University-Showcasing Animation Expertise Emphatically

Academy of Art University-Showcasing Animation Expertise Emphatically

Avengers: Infinity isn’t just a blockbuster, but it is far the best action-packed animated hit in 2018. Currently, it boasts 92% viewer rating on the Rotten Tomatoes (the world’s most credible movie review site), besides bringing in approximately $ 640.9 million during the opening weekend. The genius brain behind the blockbuster hit is Academy of Arts University.

Jan Philip Cramer, who currently works at Digital Domain as the firm’s head of animation, is an alumnus of the university. He holds a BFA from the University’s School of Animation & Visual Effects, which he obtained in 2004. Since then, Cramer has contributed immensely to some of the most outstanding cinematic hits such as Days of Future Past, Avatar, X-Men Resurgence and Independence Day among other masterpiece hits.

For him, a professional career in animation isn’t just ultimately his perfect calling, but above all the ultimate fulfillment of his childhood dream. From his childhood, the animation guru envisioned himself bringing life to new worlds on the big screens. As a result of his dedication coupled with hard work, he was recognized by Academy of Arts University for being the best emerging artist in 2017. Much of his success can be credited to the mentors he encountered at the institution. These mentors didn’t only equip him with relevant animation skills, but above all helped shape his career path. In an exclusive, Cramer said he was very happy with the fact that he studied there. The experience he had at the university truly grew him to be the distinguished artist he is today.

Formerly known as the Academy of Art College, Academy of Art University is a profit-based and privately-owned art school situated in San Francisco. It was started in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the creative director of Sunset Magazine. The university strives to transform students into professional designers and artists. The institution has the most advanced state-of-the art-facilities than any art school in the country as well as worldwide. The university received accreditation for teaching arts from Western Association of Schools & Colleges over a decade ago.


Jan Philip Cramer is just one of the alumni of University of Arts University. There are absolutely other brilliant minds from the university, something that perfectly showcases the institution’s animation prowess.


July 22, 2018

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Richard Dwayne Blair Tailors Wealth Creation Strategies for Clients

Information is power. And as the business world changes rapidly, multiple complex financial products make the environment difficult to master. Wealth Solutions focuses on helping clients, professionals, as well as business owners to manage their wealth. The management applies their business experience to assist consumers in achieving their wealth management objectives. Here are the three pillars utilized to achieve these goals;

Pillar One- Creating the Roadmap

The first pillar creates the financial roadmap of the client. Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions uses this pillar to determine a client’s route by identifying the set goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and strengths. This phase is tailored to assist him to create a strong rapport with clients. Besides, he also gains an in-depth understanding of the client’s objectives on a personal level.

Pillar Two- Develop a Long Term Plan

The second pillar is tailored to generate a client’s substantial plan. In this pillar, Richard Dwayne Blair manages assets to assist capture different market shifts including upward movement. At the same time, he minimizes the negative implications of such market moves on a client’s investment portfolio.

Pillar Three – Reviewing the Pillars

The third pillar is a review of the first two pillars. Now that Richard Dwayne Blair has come up with a solid financial goal for the client, and enacted various strategies made to provide sufficient liquidity, he reviews the objectives. Of course, this is done in the client’s presence. This is followed by the implementation of the strategies and a review. Other than that, Richard Dwayne Blair tracks a client’s goals and compares them to the firm’s expectations.

Personal Profile

It takes time to create wealth. Although people work tirelessly in life, some variables like goals, security, and retirement, must be considered. Richard Dwayne Blair is a qualified wealth manager dedicated to helping clients create wealth and live their life’s goals. Having founded Wealth Solutions in 1994, he has been using the firm to transform people’s lives. Today, Richard Dwayne Blair is revered for his tremendous input in changing client’s lives by instigating wealth management strategies. For those stranded about wealth creation, this is the right person to look up to.


July 21, 2018

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The three pillar of approach that Richard Dwayne Blair come up with to help his clients

Everyone will have a financial goal, and according to Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, they will need the plan so that they will be able to go after the goal. The services that he will offer the people of Texas and Austin area are the retirement plan and how they can manage the wealth. The reason why Richard Dwayne Blair does that is so that the community can have the necessary roadmap that will be of help when going through the milestones of life. That’s the reason why Richard has come up with three pillar approach that he uses. The pillars will be of help because through them then Richard Blair will be able to come up with the plan just by looking at the retirement plan and the current financial situation of the client.

There is the First Pillar that is helpful in the coming up with a financial roadmap of the client. The phase is useful for Richard because he will use it so that to build a healthy relationship with the clients. The other pillar is the Second Pillar since the goals of the client will be different this phase is helpful in determining the long term strategy that will be customized to fit the needs of the client. The last one is the Third pillar that’s the final stage after the first two stages have been completed then Richard Dwayne Blair will implement the strategy that he came up with and closely monitor them in the last stage.

All through the path of Richard, he was always drawn into the world of education. Since, the mother, wife, and grandmothers were all teachers. That was of help because he got the chance of knowing how teaching can change the life of someone. That’s when he realized that he could help people with their financial needs. After Richard Dwayne Blair finished his schooling from college, he started off immediately in the industry of finance in 1993. It didn’t take long before founding his firm. Because in 1994 he founded his firm Wealth Solutions so that he would be able to offer the clients with personalized and professional solutions.


July 20, 2018

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Malcolm CasSell and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Experts everywhere proclaim blockchains to be the technology of the future. Its ability to operate in decentralized markets has unending possibilities. From the digitalization of stocks and equity, to the complete virtualization of the banking industry. There are no heights cryptocurrency can go. But it is the gaming industry that Malcolm CasSelle believes will be the catalyst that starts everything.

CasSelle is the current CIO of OPSkins, the top bitcoin merchant globally, and a worldwide top seller of in-game assets. CasSelle has been a major player in the digital industry for decades, and was an early stage investor in Bitcoin as well as Facebook. He has been watching cryptocurrency since its formation, and is the chief reason why OPSkins is currently a giant in the industry.

A graduate of MIT with a bachelor in computer science, and an alumni of Stanford with a master’s in the same subject, CasSelle started his career in 1995 with the founding of his first business NetNoir. Now he is founding a new company WAX, Worldwide Asset eXchange, a P2P network utilizing blockchain technology to create a new phenomenon in the world of gaming. Cross game trading and sales.

WAX allows players to trade virtual assets and currency between the various games connected to the network. This allows for a return of investment for gamers, who can sell their digital wares for real currency. The trading is confined to WAX’s network, and uses blockchains to free transactions from fragmentation and fraud. This is a huge development considering gamers have been using digital assets longer than most cryptocurrency investors. If major gaming industries become involved it could change the way games and assets are bought and sold.

Blockchains create streams of data that contain time stamps, date of purchase, and other specific information. They are used to create smart lists that keep tabs on fraudulent transactions. By using this list it protects gamers from fraud as it creates lists, or guilds of dependable sources to deal with. It also compartmentalizes everything together so that business are not fragmented between various services. Allowing transactions to move faster.


July 19, 2018

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The Role of Peter Briger Today In Fortress Investment Group’s New Strategies in Corporate Lending

When people hear the name Peter Briger, they most likely remember one of the principals who have brought the successful rise of Fortress Investment Group. They remember Peter Briger as the Principal and the exuberant co-chairman of Fortress Investment’s Board of Directors. They may even remember the man who has brought the SoftBank Group purchase of Fortress Investment Group last year to an impressive acquisition amount of more than $3 billion. What most people don’t know yet, though, are the things that Peter Briger recently does today for the company to stay relevant, adaptive, and responsive to the great pressing challenges of modern finance.

What most people probably don’t know yet is that Peter Briger is now doing his best to land on new ventures in finance that would bring Fortress Investment Group to new heights. One of these new ventures is reported by no other than Deal Street Asia news, which stated that the new venture of Briger for Fortress Investment Group would be to push for corporate lending. This is just part of the new goals of raising funds that Fortress is eyeing on, now that SoftBank Group Corp has purchased ownership of Fortress.

The aim today of Fortress is to obtain $2 billion in its first fund released for its direct lending venture. The next target would be $5 billion, which would happen in its fifth flagship credit opportunity program. We may also add here that the role of Briger in this program could not be more important. As the man handling Fortress’ credit business and programs, it is his duty to make sure that the plan of Fortress in this regard goes as smoothly as possible. Briger is also the Fortress Credit business officer since joining Fortress in 2002. He handles a team of more than 300 individuals, and all of them are concentrating all the needed energy for the company to get the most profitable undervalued assets in the market today.

It goes without saying that Briger has all these skills in finance because of his excellent educational background. He went to Princeton University for his B.A. degree, while he went to the University of Pennsylvania to get his Master of Business Administration degree, under the school’s Wharton School of Business program.


July 16, 2018

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Louis Chenevert Is The Real Reason For United Technology Corporation’s Success

Louis Chenevert is an entrepreneur and business leader who has achieved plenty in his lifetime. He started from humble beginnings and had to work his way up to where he eventually made it. He was born in Montréal, Québec where he became interested in business at an early age. he learned, early on, that hard work and determination were what helped people to succeed in their life. He decided to go to college and majored in Production Management at the University of Montréal. After this, he was quickly hired on by General Motors at St. Therese, Quebec where he was tasked with managing its assembly line.


After working for General Motors for 14 years, Louis Chenevert could feel it was time for a change. He decided to move forward and work in the aerospace industry where he teamed up with Pratt & Whitney, which is a company that is part of the larger United Technologies Corporation. In 1999, Chenevert became President of Pratt & Whitney and began to reconstruct the company from the top to bottom. He ended making Pratt & Whitney a profitable company after it had been suffering with his leadership skills and willingness to explore new technologies.


Louis Chenevert ended up catching the attention of United Technologies Corporation and also put together the geared turbofan (GTF) engine in the provess. He became the Chairman of UTC in 2006 and its Director and invested in the GTF engine, which he knew would be a hit in the industry. Today, the GTF engine is huge in its market and has earned UTC plenty of profit. It, literally, put the company back on the map and is now used by over 14 different airlines as well as 70 different aircraft.


Louis Chenevert eventually became the CEO of UTC and has received plenty of praise since he took over the role. He loves challenge and saw UTC through some of the roughest times in the United States economy. He is sure that the company’s portfolio of products will help it succeed moving into the future and is glad that he has focused on taking care of the company’s employees. While Louis Chenevert is not the CEO of UTC anymore, he left behind an amazing legacy that continues today.

July 11, 2018

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M1ND; a Nutritional Supplement by Jeunesse Global for Memory and Concentration

Memory loss is a common problem that is facing a majority of the people around the world. As one age, his memory diminishes and it he may end up not recalling any person or what time it is. This is the extreme case of Alzheimer and Dementia which are profound in developed countries. Besides memory loss, the rate of concentration among individuals is also diminishing. To overcome this problem, M1ND has been developed by Jeunesse using innovative technologies.


This dietary supplement is highly inspired by the Eastern medicines that adopt natural ingredients to solve various challenges affecting both the physical parts of the body and the mind. M1ND enhances mental capacity and ensures that you are more alert on whatever activity you are performing. Concentration increases such that you can detect small detail. This is not possible for people with extreme dementia is they fail even to recognize what time it is or whether it is time to sleep or to eat.


M1ND nutritional supplement uses protein CERA-Q, which is obtained from silkworm cocoons to form a tablet that helps you to be mentally sound. What makes the M1ND supplement to have an edge on other memory improvement supplements in the industry is that its performance has been evidenced through clinical trials. Besides, M1ND comes with lemon flavor and a professional package where one can easily carry and use.


Benefits of Jeunesse M1ND Dietary Supplement

  • Aid in name recalling
  • It helps one to recall figures
  • Increases concentration, e.g., in classrooms
  • It Enhances your mental clarity etc.


About Jeunesse

Among organizations that are known to produce and sell some of the most advanced anti-aging products and nutritional supplements, Jeunesse appears on the list. This organization has been in operations since 1999 when Wendy and Randy formed it. The entity focuses on offering dietary supplements that boost the number of nutrients in the body. Moreover, some of the supplements offered by these organization slow aging while at the same time eradicating physical characteristics of aging. Besides manufacturing and selling nutritional supplements, Jeunesse makes and markets skin care products such as Luminesce product line among others.

July 11, 2018

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Austin’s Own Dr. Jennifer Walden On Being A Woman Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin where she currently practices cosmetic surgery. She was trained at the University of Texas at Galveston and completed her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She opened a practice in New York’s Upper East Side and then returned to Austin in 2011.

Dr. Walden has been featured as an expert on a number of networks such as ABC news, Fox News, VH1, and E! She was listed as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar, and appeared as one of The Best Plastic Surgeons in America in American Airlines magazine.

She is board-certified in cosmetic surgery and is a member of Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board. She is one of a few of female plastic surgeons to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Of approximately 850 female plastic surgeons in the United States, she is one of fewer than 200 who are board-certified and one of only 12 who practices in Texas.

Dr. Walden specializes in a number of face and body procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, labioplasty, and abdominoplasty (known as a tummy tuck). She recently opened a satellite MedSpa near her Austin surgery in Northwest Hills, Texas.

At the time of this writing, Dr. Walden currently has a 4.5-star rating on Yelp with over 120 reviews. She co-authored the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with Dr. Sherrell Aston and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.

July 10, 2018

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Market America Is Changing the Online Shopping Experience

In the advent of digital era, most businesses are operating online. Market America is one of the widely acknowledged companies operating in the internet platform. The company offers internet network management and brokerage system. It was founded in 1992 by Loren and JR Ridinger and specializes in social shopping as well as one-to-one marketing. The company’s mission is to offer investors a distinctive system to create wealth whilst providing consumers globally a better platform to shop. Through the internet technology, the company has been able to create the economy of the future.

The company also owns the largest online shopping outlet, the Shop.Com which offers more than 35 million products and services. Market American has used this trademarked business model to provide internet shoppers what they want. The company is located in Greensboro, NC and it has employed more than 800 people worldwide. It operates in Mexico, United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and Spain. Some of its emerging markets include Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Bahamas, panama and New Zealand.

Through social shopping and one-to-one marketing platform, the company has been able to combine the power of internet and its users. It has thus become very easy to change the way people shop. Their presence in the internet has also changed the economic paradigm. Some of the products sold by Market America include health tonics, household cleaners, makeup, gardening products, weight loss and nutritional supplements among many other products.

Shoppers get the opportunity to get gross retail profit off their personal sales. These profits may vary depending on the product one is selling. One can also earn a cashback commission from both their personal online purchases and their customer’s purchases. If you have created a team of representatives, you can also get team earnings.

The number of people shopping at Market America has surged over the years thanks to growth in the number of people using the internet. Like its motto say- Built on product. Powered by people, Market America is flourishing and it is here to stay. The company enjoys a collective shopping power and it is helping people around the world make the right purchases and earn income from the purchases.

July 5, 2018

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Tony Petrello supports Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center

Tony Petrello is one of the people who has contributed immensely to the development of a facility that will help in treating the neurological disorders in children. In the history of medical services, there has never been a facility that offers treatment in this area of medication. The main reason this has not been happening is that no facility has ever conducted advanced research on the cause of these conditions. This has been the case for a long to time, but it will no longer be the same with the entry of Tony Petrello in the medical industry as a philanthropist. Being a generous philanthropist, he is committed to supporting projects that will realize the goals set out. In the case of neurological research, he is committed to facilitating the development of the facility until such a time when the main goal that was set out is accomplished.

In aid of development if this facility, he has donated $5 million and has promised to add another $2 million which will also go to the development of the facility. The donations that he is giving will go a long way in ensuring that children born with neurological disorder get the right treatment. Neurological disorders in children end up hurting their entire life since they cannot live like other human beings.

Jan and Dan Duncan Research Center is going to the first facility in the world to conduct research in this field of medicine. Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia want to see this company succeed by ensuring that all the activities of the center are facilitated. By having sufficient funds to support the research, they hope the set-out goals will be accomplished. Tony and his wife co-chair fundraising committee on behalf of the facility, so far, they have managed to bring $500 million from donations made from all over the world.

The cause that they are supporting will go a long way in supporting children who suffer from neurological disorders, one of them being their daughter. In fact, Tony Petrello realized the problem when he was looking for a medical facility that could cure his daughter. There was no such facility in any part of the world and that is how he realized that he needed to do something to save the situation.

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July 5, 2018

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