Academy of Art University-Showcasing Animation Expertise Emphatically

Academy of Art University-Showcasing Animation Expertise Emphatically

Avengers: Infinity isn’t just a blockbuster, but it is far the best action-packed animated hit in 2018. Currently, it boasts 92% viewer rating on the Rotten Tomatoes (the world’s most credible movie review site), besides bringing in approximately $ 640.9 million during the opening weekend. The genius brain behind the blockbuster hit is Academy of Arts University.

Jan Philip Cramer, who currently works at Digital Domain as the firm’s head of animation, is an alumnus of the university. He holds a BFA from the University’s School of Animation & Visual Effects, which he obtained in 2004. Since then, Cramer has contributed immensely to some of the most outstanding cinematic hits such as Days of Future Past, Avatar, X-Men Resurgence and Independence Day among other masterpiece hits.

For him, a professional career in animation isn’t just ultimately his perfect calling, but above all the ultimate fulfillment of his childhood dream. From his childhood, the animation guru envisioned himself bringing life to new worlds on the big screens. As a result of his dedication coupled with hard work, he was recognized by Academy of Arts University for being the best emerging artist in 2017. Much of his success can be credited to the mentors he encountered at the institution. These mentors didn’t only equip him with relevant animation skills, but above all helped shape his career path. In an exclusive, Cramer said he was very happy with the fact that he studied there. The experience he had at the university truly grew him to be the distinguished artist he is today.

Formerly known as the Academy of Art College, Academy of Art University is a profit-based and privately-owned art school situated in San Francisco. It was started in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the creative director of Sunset Magazine. The university strives to transform students into professional designers and artists. The institution has the most advanced state-of-the art-facilities than any art school in the country as well as worldwide. The university received accreditation for teaching arts from Western Association of Schools & Colleges over a decade ago.


Jan Philip Cramer is just one of the alumni of University of Arts University. There are absolutely other brilliant minds from the university, something that perfectly showcases the institution’s animation prowess.


July 22, 2018

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