Adam Goldenberg Made JustFab The Fashion Unicorn

There are plenty of people who are looking for better ways to shop for clothes, and they will take anything that works better than the sites they have used before. Adam Goldenberg is the partner with Don Ressler at JustFab, and the two of them have made it into a great company to shop with. JustFab is a good site for shopping where women have a lot of choices, and it literally has everything that a woman could want before she buys her clothes.

Women who are getting dressed for the season are going to find out that Adam Goldenberg and his team made JustFab into a site that is really easy to shop in. He is the COO that is putting a lot of work into making sure that JustFab has low prices, and he wants to make as much variety as he can find for the site.

Adam Goldenberg started out with Don Ressler pretty young in the accounting part of the business, and he has grown into a man who is able to help the company be one that everyone likes to shop with. It has even been called a unicorn because it is so much more different than other companies that do the same thing. They have commercials on TV on that people love to watch, and they are set up like the normal store women go into that has everything in one place.

Women shopping at JustFab will also see the result of Adam Goldenberg making his company stable because they can afford to have more items than anyone else. Shopping at JustFab is easy because there really is a choice for everyone.

JustFab is a really great company to shop with that people are trusting every day because there is so much to buy. Women are finding clothes they saw in TV commercials that they want to wear today, and they are paying less for them. Adam Goldenberg made it all possible at JustFab because he has been with the parent company long enough to know what it takes to make a unicorn. He has created an empire that benefits all women. Check this at

August 10, 2016

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