Ted Bauman Gives Helpful And Honest Investing Advice

Ted Bauman has a realistic and almost cynical view of the stock market. He is an investor, and he spends much of his time watching stocks and giving people advice on how they should invest their money. He writes The Bauman Letter, which reaches over 100,000 people and teaches them what is going on with stocks. This letter is sent out monthly, and he also writes articles for a stock trading service. He is interested in everything that is happening with stocks, and even though he can be cynical of them, or maybe because of that, he gives great advice in regard to which stocks are the right ones to invest in.

One of the pieces of wisdom that Ted Bauman often shares is that stocks are overvalued. And he is also not afraid to tell his predictions about which stocks are going to crash. He also shares advice on how people can invest wisely, and one of the first tips that he gives is to be diverse when investing. He says that people shouldn’t put all of their money in one place, but that they need to be careful about which stocks they pick and they need to invest diversely.

Another important piece of advice that Ted Bauman has to give is for people to seek out the help of an expert before investing, or to rethink their investment plan and go to someone who can get them on the right track after they have started investing. Ted Bauman also says that it is important for people not to immediately go into action when there is a stock-market crash, as many are tempted to do. Ted Bauman has a lot of interesting advice to give because he is not the traditional stock market analyst. He has a unique perspective that allows him to help others make wise investing decisions.

January 13, 2019

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Matthew Fleeger’s Career in the Energy Sector

Some experts in the energy industry argued that the hydrocarbon reserves in the United States had been exhausted. According to them, there was a possibility of the nation becoming completely dependent on other oil exporting countries in the near future. Years later, new technology which included horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing was developed and that helped to discover new reserves with high potential.

The technology also helped the firms in the industry to reduce the cost of labor and the level of production. The first investors’ earned good returns from that development. Initially, the extraction of those reserves was considered economically infeasible.

Some of the oil extractors discovered that there were large reserves of oil in various parts of North America in hard shale and sandstones. The new oil discoveries have had a positive impact on the country’s economy. Matthew Fleeger has spent many years in various oil fields in the country.

Matthew’s father is the pioneer of the Gulf Coast Western firm which has been operational for the last 48 years. Just like his father, Matthew Fleeger had good entrepreneurial skills and that helped him to start and operate two businesses which he sold later. He later rejoined Gulf Coast Western where he currently works as its Chief Executive Officer.

During his tenure, he has helped the company to grow despite hard economic times and is currently ranked as one of the most profitable ventures in the industry. One of the main reasons why the oil company has experienced good returns is the vast experience that the firm and its management team has had over the years. Michael Fleeger is knowledgeable in oil operations. He has played a key role in the formation of partnerships with various stakeholders in the industry. He has helped the organization to acquire and employ modern technology in its operations.

December 31, 2018

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The OSI Group targets Chicago Illinois to provide its high-quality meat services

A premier name in the industry supply of food services is OSI Industries, otherwise known as the OSI Group. OSI Group has been in the original chain sector industry but this hasn’t always been so in the past. OSI (OSI Group) was a thriving organization that had humble roots but now the company has excelled into a food service giant. Now the OSI Group has over 65 facilities in 17 countries and they also have over 20,000 employees that work for them. The OSI Group was like any other corporation when it started out. The company’s owner, Otto Kolschowsky, desired only wanted to provide for him and his family. Otto Kolschowsky was an immigrant who wanted to make a new life for himself in America and he done so by working very hard. He was actually pursuing the American Dream for him, his spouse and multiple children.

Otto and his family were in the butchering business and they had done this trade for generations. He learned his unique set of butchering skills from his father. He applied his butchering trade in the city of Chicago because there was no better place to do so. Chicago was the “meatpacking industry” of the international capital. Otto started his own retail meat marketing business on the west side of the Oak Park region and he simply just wanted to provide for his family. Otto excelled in his customer service skill set and everyone in the area was pleased with his high-quality meat cutting. This was a High German immigrant town.

In a short time, his company was the name to turn to for the best quality poultry and meat in the industry. His companies name was Otto’s Meat Market. Soon after, hotels and restaurants turned to Otto’s company for their meat and poultry needs. Otto expanded his business to include his two sons and he then began to provide meats at a wholesale price. McDonald’s soon turned to Otto & Sons because they offered the best available high-quality meats to their clientele. McDonald’s gave Otto & Sons the business opportunity to provide for their upper Mid-west needs for the state of Illinois and all of the surrounding areas.

Learn More: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

December 26, 2018

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Freedom Checks : The hidden tax code that could pay for your retirement

Often the route most working Americans take for their financial future tend to be through the accumulation of their 401K’s throughout their working years, however, experts now say that this might not be the best route for people today. Data shows that solely relying on the money from your 401K account will not only bring a decrease in lifestyle but also an uncertainty as many companies 401K programs are tied into wall street investments. So, how about Social Security? That’s guaranteed income every month. Yes, Social Security, for now, does guarantee monthly income, however, due to the over saturation of participates in the program, Social Security is now only paying about $2800 per year. All this has caused people to look towards making smart investments now in order to avoid these scenarios later.

Introducing Matt Badiali, a senior analyst at Banyan Hill and expert in the financial industry. Matt was first made waves when he introduced the world to Freedom Checks and the financial possibilities they carried. Although first thought of as a scam the method that Matt uses to make himself and his clients repeated high rates of returns is done through a relatively unknown tax code in the books. This overlooked tax code allows investors to earn high rates of return with additional subsidies from the U.S. government. Although Freedom Checks require an investment they are seen as a more stable investment than those commonly used. Freedom checks investments are used to fund companies recommended by Matt himself that utilize the tax code in order to avoid paying high taxes, in fact, much of their work is encouraged by the U.S government. To know more about the company click here.

Yes this is 100% legal, as stated before, Freedom checks are simply funding needed by companies to market products that are made from American natural resources which the government encourages companies to do by allowing them not to pay any taxes, that extra revenue is then passed down to the investors in the form of a constant high rate of returns.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreedomChecks411/

December 25, 2018

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Meet The Man Behind Blockchain Technology Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a pioneer in info systems because he was one of the first individuals working on the technology and he patented the first blockchain technology in use for smart cards. Like any great pioneer, Serge Belamant has continued with his success and his creation to create something incredible. It is also surprising because Serge was not decided on what he wanted to do in his working career. During college, Serge spent some time switching his major to better suit what he wanted to do.

It took a while for Serge to figure out what he truly wanted to do. He was quite good at everything he tried, but he wasn’t passionate about his work. After switching between a variety of different majors, including engineering, computer sciences, and mathematics, Serge Belamant finally found what he wanted to focus his business efforts into, info systems. Serge was able to have his education funded by UNISA during his final year of studies. Serge spent years learning his craft and learning how to apply it all to business and new innovative technology. Serge spent many more years trying to develop systems to monitor and analyze scientific data.

The implications of his inventing technology and statistical analysis are far extending. Serge was even able to provide data that predicted droughts in various regions and he was able to prevent the problems before they happened. Perhaps the most direct industries that Serge Belamant’s technology will influence and benefit will be the finance and banking industries. As the director and founder of Net1 Technologies, Serge Belamant has laid down his groundwork for a successful blockchain technology. At his company, Serge developed the technology further and made a debit card that people can use without the need for any bank connection or POS. The card itself has an infrastructure that utilizes blockchain technology to verify transactions.

December 23, 2018

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Guilherme Paulus Shares His Love Of Brazil

When people go on vacation they are looking for an authentic experience. They often do not want to just go do ‘tourist’ stuff. It is easy to ask around the hotel, but often they will have agreements in place to get people to go do certain activities. Tourists need to get advice from someone who knows the area, and someone who has years of experience to share with visitors.

In Brazil that person is Guilherme Paulus. Guilherme Paulus has decades of experience in the travel, tourist and hotel business. He has built thousands of hotel rooms across Brazil, and he is sharing some of the locations that will give the tourist a luxurious holiday.

Gramado, RS is a beautiful small town with unique architecture and it surrounds one of the most spectacular lakes in Brazil. It is possible to both ski and do water sports while you are in the town.

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Confins, MG is home to one of the most important archeological sites in Brazil, and it is possible to hike in the caves. The caves are also home to waterfalls.

Some of the finest beaches in the world can be found in Rio de Janeiro. There are 11 miles of sand and water sports. A cable car can be taken to one of the wonders of the world, the Christ the Redeemer Statue. Tourists can also find spectacular beaches in Nadal along the northeastern coastline.

São Paulo, SP is the largest city in Brazil, and it is the business capital. It has everything that any cosmopolitan city would have, and there are over 100 museums and places of culture to visit.

There are many other places visitors to Brazil should see, but it is easy to miss out on so many of them unless you have someone who knows all about the country. Guilherme Paulus is a native expert, and Guilherme Paulus is always willing to share his love of the country with visitors. Paulus is one of the most important business people in Brazilian tourism.

Learn more about Guilherme Paulus: https://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/7758535/operadora-de-turismo-fundada-por-guilherme-paulus-adquire-duas-empresas-argentinas-do-setor-

December 15, 2018

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Sunday Riley : Talking about her brand and what it means to her

Sunday Riley is one of the most revered and recognized beauty brands out in the market today, go ahead, pick up any magazine, turn on social media and you’ll no doubt be bombarded by the incredible amount of people praising her products. Sunday Riley sure has made a big impression on the beauty world, from her humble beginnings as a Texan entrepreneur to an establish pop-up shop in New York City, Sunday Riley does it right. In a recent sit-down interview, we go in debt with Sunday Riley about her personal life and the company.

What did your brand bring in 09 that the world was missing?

The beauty industry at the time was only producing ingredients crafted in a lab somewhere, and of course, everyone knows that to get a more natural product you need actual natural ingredients. Sunday Riley states that her interest in botanicals is what lead her to create the brand we love today.

Are you an expert in the field of cosmology?

Sunday Riley comments on that fact that she’s no expert in the field, however, through trial and error and years of experience, her products, and her skills have improved gradually. What makes Riley’s products different is the fact that she doesn’t see her products as a science experiment but as art. Riley comments that every time she and her team are creating a new product a series of questions follow, what is the scent, how does it feel and what is the end goal?

Are you proud of a particular product?

Her response is that she is proud of all her products, and if she ever loses pride in one then she’ll have no problem cutting that from her line. She further comments on the fact that her pride comes from the fact that every product she displays has gone through hundreds of trials and only the best make it to her light up. I’m not a second try and its perfect kinda person, Riley states.

December 15, 2018

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Freedom Checks As A Money Msker

Dividend investing has been method used by skilled investors, however, the strategy today seems to be forgotten. Matt Badiali helped to bring some interest back to dividend investing when he told the investment world about Freedom Checks. Many people are ignorant as to why this investment strategy can be a major money maker. It all comes down to understanding a US tax law that was passed in the 1980s. The United States has been relying on the Middle East for most of its oil needs for several decades. Policy makers in the United States felt the nation was too vulnerable because of this. They passed regulation to allow specific natural resource companies do not have to pay taxes if they produced natural resources domestically rather than abroad.

In order to receive Freedom Checks, the companies that one must commit funds to are “Master Limited Partnerships”. These companies out due other companies as far as profits because of their ability to avoid federal income taxes. Probably the most valuable investment benefit they pass to their shareholders is that when they pay dividends, the shareholder can also avoid paying taxes.Another benefit that shareholders get for investing in Freedom Checks is that they receive some of the best dividend yields in the financial markets. The reason for this is because these companies must ensure most of the revenue is given to the company shareholders.

Even though the dividend yields are extremely high, the fact that these companies don’t pay taxes enables them to remain extremely profitable.Some investors want more than a dividend yield and want a capital appreciation if they are to invest funds. Matt Badiali has been urging investors to consider Freedom Checks because he feels oil is going to rise in price, which will make many of these MLPs more profitable. Higher profits will translate into a higher dividend yield, and these payments are already not taxed. Higher oil is going to cause share prices of these companies to skyrocket. Investors looking ahead to retirement may wish to research this investment option. There are plenty of companies that an investor can choose from, however, it is still important to perform the appropriate expert financial analysis before making any investment.


December 11, 2018

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Jacob Gottlieb, Rejuvenating the Healthcare Sector with Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is a well-known investor in the healthcare industry. The highly qualified and experienced financial investor has announced a new addition to his basket. The new addition, he said is named Altium Capital, a health care investment fund. The new venture will be based in New York and will mainly deal in investment opportunities related to growth firms in the healthcare sector. Through the firm, Gottlieb will be seeking out those firms, which offer advanced health and medical services.

Altium Capital has also made significant investments in the recent past. Some notable investments associated with Altium Capital include Oramed pharmaceuticals, Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation. Oramed is a popular and innovative firm, which specializes in the development of oral treatment for diabetes. The oral medication is a reprieve to those patients, who are already under injectable drugs. Oramed Pharmaceuticals has successfully tested and qualified the oral insulin capsule and the oral Glucagon-like peptide.

Altium Capital has also invested in Amarin, a fast developing pharmaceuticals company. Amarin has made a name through the development of innovative cardiovascular health improvement drugs. The company employs a combination of polyunsaturated fatty acids and expertise in lipid science in its products development. Some of the products, which the company has developed, include Vascepa. The Food and Drugs Administration approved the drug in 2012. Amarin is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It has subsidiary offices in New Jersey and Bedminster.

Oragenics is another company, in which Altium Capital has an interest. The company specializes in the development of new antibiotics against contagious diseases. One of its primary focuses is the development of an effective treatment for oral mucositis. Oragenics uses the concept of Replacement Therapy to come up with innovative treatment options. The company has collaborated withIntrexon Corporation to access cutting-edge technology for the faster development of antibiotics.

December 6, 2018

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Wes Edens Proves A Success In Various Business Fields

The arrival of Wes Edens as one of the leading lights of NBA ownership has highlighted the work of the business leader as a forward-thinking investment specialist. Edens has a long history of developing new technologies, including his work as the head of the Brightline passenger rail service and the New Fortress Energy company. Edens has become a major contributor to many of the leading climate change research institutes in the U.S., including that found at Princeton University. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

The belief of Wes Edens in the need for renewable, clean sources of energy led to the development of the New Fortress Energy brand dedicated to bringing power to developing economies. One of the main reasons for the success of the brand has been the ability of New Fortress Energy to provide its own funding for various projects around the world as it is backed by the funds available to Fortress Investments. Wes Edens established Fortress Investments after a long and successful career as a broker on Wall Street and currently has more than $70 billion in assets backing its work.

New Fortress Energy is one of a number of projects undertaken by Wes Edens which provide a glimpse into a future for the planet which is more ecologically friendly. One of the leading issues for the majority of entrepreneurs in the 21st-century is the desire for projects designed to protect the planet from the perils of climate change. The owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks franchise has headed the development of the first U.S.-based passenger rail service to operate since 1983. Brightline rail services have started in the state of Florida and will continue in many different areas of the country, including Texas and the Southeast. The successful first line operating from Orlando to Miami is the first step in reducing the reliance of the U.S. public on the road and airline industries.

Visit: https://www.wealthx.com/dossier/wesley-robert-edens/


November 25, 2018

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