Dolce & Gabbana Slave Sandals Got The Wrong Kind Of Attention

Men and women have been wearing sandals for centuries. Someone once said sandals are the perfect foot covering even though they don’t cover much of the foot. Sandal styles haven’t changed much over the years. The basic thong, toe ring, ankle strap and cross band have been tweaked using different materials, accessories and heel heights over the years. The major shoe brands depend on sandal sales every year. Most shoe companies would have a tough time making their projected sales figures if sandal sales dropped out of the sales volume forecast. But that happens from time-to-time. Consumers that get bored with the latest tweaks on the basic silhouettes wear last year’s styles. Shoe companies go back to their product development drawing boards, and they try to reinvent a style or styles that was popular in another century.

Dolce & Gabbana has built a reputation selling fashion clothing and shoes. Sandals have been a big part of their product line. The Italians take pride in the fact that they know more about sandals than other cultures, but that’s not really true. Dolce & Gabbana came under fire recently when they introduced another version of the gladiator sandal and called it a “Slave Sandal,” according to an article originally posted by Footwear News and the This new version of a pom-pom covered gladiator that retailed for more than $3,255. But the critics didn’t like the new name and Dolce & Gabbana pulled the sandal from their product mix.

JustFab, the online fashion house, likes to offer consumers unique gladiator styles that other retail and online stores don’t offer. The designers at JustFab play close attention to the latest looks in Europe and other parts of the world and develop a fashion line that combines trends, reasonable prices, and an easy online shopping experience.

The Los Angeles-based JustFab on retailmenot has a product development department that searches the world for clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories that are unique, timely and personal. Shipping is always free, and their personalized shopper mindset and direct from the manufacturer approach is the key to finding styles that are worth more than the price.

April 21, 2016

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The Dog’s Choice


Over the years, Beneful has become a widely celebrated brand of dog food products, beloved by canine owners everywhere. They are known for their diverse variety of foods, and have earned a well deserved reputation for their choice chow. In fact, the Nestle PurinaStore Petcare Beneful brand has not only generated billions in revenues, but has climbed to the top of of the dog food totem pole. Beneful established itself through marketing that revolved around proper animal nutrition. Their exceptional products include wet food, as well as dry and canned food, along with a slew of healthy doggie snacks and other treats. In early aughts Beneful launched ‘The Beneful Healthy Harvest’ line, premium dry food that substituted meat based protein with soy. Additionally, Beneful Prepared Meals emerged a year later, offering innovative resealable, multipurpose packaging that doubles as a food bowl. One of Beneful’s most popular offerings is their ‘Healthy Weight with Real Chicken Dog Food’, an especially healthy alternative designed to help adult dogs maintain a healthy weight while getting all the nutrition they need. This selection is comprised of both soft and crunchy bits beloved all kinds of canines. It’s part of Beneful’s Purposeful Recipe line which revolves around healthy grub with a great taste. Another popular choice is ‘Beneful IncrediBites with Real Beef’, another healthy selection perfect for smaller dogs. It is made up of tinier bites, that like all of Beneful’s products doesn’t sacrifice flavor, while remaining nutritious. It’s notably great for pickier dogs who aren’t always keen on dry food. For dogs suffering from dental problems there’s ‘Beneful Healthy Smile Twists’, a savory snack that also serves to rid canine mouths of plaque and tartar buildup, and includes parsley to further help keep your dog’s mouth clean and disease free. Finally, one of their most lauded products is ‘Beneful Healthy Puppy’, a calcium rich blend with DHA which helps ensure strong teeth and bones and contributes to healthy vision and brain function. At the end of the day, if you’re a dog lover you probably love Beneful, a brand that truly cares about your puppy’s health.
Beneful is available online

April 20, 2016

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More Footwear Options Now Available On Slyce

Slyce is one of the most innovative new technologies in terms of bridging the gap between consumers and retailers. They bridge this gap by providing a reliable application for searching for products through visual search recognition software. The software that runs the application searches for products based on images that the consumer picks out. The consumer can use a variety of images to conduct their search. They can actually take a picture of a product that they see in their environment in order to search for it in Slyce’s market place, which is probably the most convenient way to conduct a search through Slyce. However, the user also has the option to take a picture of a picture, or they can use QR codes or barcodes to conduct their search on Slyce.

New Partnerships Between Slyce And Major Retailers

One of the latest partnerships that Slyce is proud to announce is the agreement with Shoe Carnival Inc. that will bring high quality footwear to a virtual search market place located on every consumer’s smart phone. Slyce announced in an article from Market Wired that they will be presenting products from Shoe Carnival, and they officially signed this agreement in October of 2015, so users are excited to finally get closer to the products offered by this valued retailer in major brands of footwear.

Shoe Carnival offers footwear options to men, women and children, and they have the best national and regional name brands to offer to consumers. They offer their products at affordable prices, and they have 400 stores across the US. With all their retail space and a new connection with Slyce’s virtual market place it appears that Shoe Carnival will be gaining more recognition as a reliable retailer in shoe sales.

SLyce has made several interesting partnerships over the last year. They have partnered with Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, Tilly’s and others, so their users have many options to choose from when they want quality products. Users get the advantage of not having to go to a store, and they don’t have to conduct lengthy searches online by using Slyce to do all their online shopping. Slyce is easy to use, and the app is free to download. If you haven’t already started downloading it, then you should check out this article from Market Wired.

April 5, 2016

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DEVCO Promoting Development Through Real Estate


Middlesex County Improvement Authority is in arrears and has failed to meet its financial obligations to Reinvestment Development Authority. It had received a loan totaling to 20 million dollars from the casino. The loan enabled it construct the Heldrich which performs as a hotel and a conference center. The hotel is appropriated by New Brunswick Development Corp which is a nonprofit organization.

Devco has been applauded severally with the latest recognition coming from Senate President Stephen Sweeney. The Brunswick was used as the pilot program to test for the viability of Atlantic City Development Corp that is set to direct over 200 million dollars in addition to 19.5 million dollars in form of CRDA money.

Posting a 63.5% occupancy level at this financial shaky climate is no easy fit. The Heldrich which boasts 235 rooms is a darling to many including its largest client Johnson & Johnson. DEVCO is committed to the hotel bailing it out when it lacks funds. The original version was posted by Atlantic City.

DEVCO is committed to paying the money owed and has already repaid some bond owners. Christopher Paladino who heads DEVCO has acknowledged that the money owed to CRDA will be repaid. Atlantic City Development Corp has learnt a lot from the Heldrich and will not suffer the same financial crisis. CRDA representatives are confident that the DEVCO will make good its payment. John Palmeri who is the CEO of CRDA further added that they knew they would be paid last as per the agreement.

DEVCO was founded in the late 1970s to oversee developments in Middlesex County. The development authority has constructed several buildings over the years and is responsible for the turnaround in the county. The corporation which is nonprofit in nature has seen the development of schools and hospitals. Its developments such as the Heldrich hotel have provided employment opportunities to many people. DEVCO has carried out many development projects and has set it eyes to newer areas that will promote the local economy.


April 1, 2016

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Skout and the Amazing Travel Feature

Skout was one of the first free dating sites for app users. Skout has been known to be the type of app that will be on the cutting edge because it brings a lot of things to users for the very first time. The travel feature is new to this site, and it allows people to get engaged in virtual tours for the first time. The travel concept is a new update that has already attracted some 5 million users to participate in a virtual tour.

The great thing about this app is that it allows people to do a lot of different things that they cannot do with other apps. This is because there are users from different walks of life that are interested in different things in social media. There are going to be people that are trying to network and find other people with job info on Skout. In other areas there will be people that are interested in dating because they have access to local singles. There options are endless when it comes to these apps. That is why so many new people are flocking to new app.

People have started looking at the number of apps that are on the market, and they have become thrilled with Skout because it is like LinkedIn, Facebook and eHarmony all rolled into one. That is why people like the app, and the travel feature will make this even more attractive.

App users are very fickle in social media. They don’t always stick around long enough to see an app grow and improve. Fortunately, Skout has been on an uphill swing as the app that people stay connected to even with all the other apps that are available. This is proof that people are pleased with the app from Skout, and they are excited about how this app has changed over the years. The growth and the direction of the app is geared towards a young crowd, but many middle-aged people are now fining a lot of interest in the new virtual travel feature.

Skout is destined to become a big name app that attracts even more people over time. It is the type of app that people download on their phones and keep as they remove other apps. People that are unfamiliar with Skout can check this site out here to learn about Skout travel and much more.

March 22, 2016

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The WEN Experiment And Its Success


Emily McClure from The Bustle did her own her own personal experiment with Wen hair cleansing conditioner. Many individuals have seen the infomercials about WEN by Chaz Dean. These commercial generally show women with beautiful locks of thick and flowing hair. WEN makes promises about the positive changes that it can make to a person’s hair, and Emily McClure wanted to see if these claims were true.

Emily Mcclure wanted to try to use Wen hair condition shampoo over the course of seven days to see if she noticed any changes in her hair. On the first day of the experiment Emily Mcclure did find that her hair had more body and it was more shiny than normal. Unfortunately, the next day she felt like her roots were very oily. Mcclure did not give up and she tried to use the WEN products again for the next six days. Emily Mcclure did find that she had good results from the product. Her hair had a lot more body, and it was less dry than normal.

Emily Mcclure found that if she skipped her haircare regiment for one day, then her hair would be greasy. Some friends and family of Emily Mcclure made comments about her hair and that was very reassuring. Those comments proved to Mcclure that there was a stark difference between the haircare products that she was using now, and the ones that she was using before. Emily Mcclure truly believes that she will recommend WEN conditioning shampoo for woman that have thin hair. Even though she does not think that she will use the product every day, she will definitely keep it in her shower for those times when she wants hair to be full and shiny.

WEN hair care products are sold on Sephora. Chaz Dean is an individual that first worked in the photography industry and later he moved to the hair care industry. Dean worked with many influential individuals when it came to hair, and he began experimenting with different recipes for shampoos and hair products. Dean found that many hair products were full of parabens and sulfates, and he wanted to make a hair product that would condition hair while it cleaned at the same time. That was how he came up with WEN products.

March 17, 2016

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