Kate Hudson Builds Brand Awareness for Fabletics

As the summer approaches a lot of consumers are going to be looking for something that they can work out in. Many people have decided to embrace their desire to get bikini body ready by transforming themselves through their workout routines. For a multitude of women that are looking for a chance to improve their workouts it is going to depend highly on the type of clothes that they wear.


Kate Hudson has been the one that has put a lot of time and effort into building a better brand of athletic clothing. She has been someone that has lots of women that may have a desire to work out in clothes that are stylish and more affordable than the average athletic garments. Kate Hudson has proven that she has a brand that is here to stay, and she is working diligently on a brand awareness for Fabletics.


Her strategy for building awareness is one that involved her fans. She utilizes social media to get her to a large fan base of consumers that look for new items. When people see what she is promoting on social media they will often connect with this website and browse the garments that are there. This is all part of her reverse showroom process where she displays garments on the website, but she is actually working to get more people to consider coming into the stores.


Getting customers to take part in subscription services is going to be the most effective way to secure reoccurring consumer revenue. When people sign up for this they are going to be getting their cards drafted automatically for monthly shipments. This is great because this narrows down the indecisiveness that consumers may have when it comes to purchasing more clothes. Many people that go to the site that are not VIP members may browse, but they may not buy anything. When Kate Hudson is able promote the brain in this way she has a better chance of getting consumers to take interest in regular purchases. This may be ideal for anyone just trying to build their wardrobe with lots of different selections.


For Kate Hudson this is going to be one of the most effective ways to promote this brand. Consumers that tell others will also play a big part in the word of mouth promotion that is connected with providing a stronger brand awareness for Fabletics.

May 31, 2017

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Eric Lefkofsky on the Path to Curing Cancer

Curing cancer is complex and requires countless man hours of research and clinical data to be passed between researchers and doctors. All that vital data needs to be analyzed and delivered somehow, to doctors trying to cure cancer patients. For example, if a cancer researcher is analyzing a group of breast cancer patients taking Herceptin, they will examine and record why the drug apparently only works on 40% of the patients and not the rest! Many questions are examined as to what other factors could be involved in preventing that 60% who failed the cure. Could it be that perhaps diabetes or some other illness is involved, and is preventing the cure? Are these “incurable” patients taking some other medicines (drugs) that are interfering? These are the vital bits of information that researchers and doctors need to bridge between each other.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who is hot on the trail of solving exactly these sorts of challenges. He was personally motivated to start up a cancer research company called Tempus after his dear wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tempus is a technology company that has developed an operating system which helps bridge such vital data between researchers and doctors, to help in effectively treating cancer. According to Mr. Lefkofsky (Fortunate Brainstorm Health Conference in San Diego), there is a lack of resources that help combine genetic data with therapeutic data. Lefkofsky says, “Gathering molecular data is one thing, but you also need clinical [patient] data. You [also] need therapeutic and outcome response data.”

Lefkofsky notes that “If you were to go into any of the cancer treatment centers and ask who took Herceptin over two years and how they did, they’d need a grant and at least 90 days. That’s the sort of data that should flow freely between researchers, clinicians, and others.” And that’s precisely where Tempus steps in to solve problems. Mr. Lefkofsky is an incredibly generous and charitable man. In 2006, he and his wife formed a charitable trust that donates funding to educational and scientific causes helping save lives.

May 28, 2017

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Bruce Bent II – Helping Investors Safeguard their Investments through Money Market Fund

Most of the investors aim at diversifying their investment portfolio, mixed with high-return high-risk financial instruments and investment stabilizers that don’t yield significant returns but ensures easy liquidity with great returns. Money market fund is a kind of mutual fund that allows the investors to diversify their investment portfolio and create wealth in the long-run without worries about market fluctuation.

Money market fund is traditionally designed to not suffer from any significant impact during slow or sluggish market. It has the net asset value of $1 per share, but the Securities and Exchange Commission have enforced new laws about money market fund that may allow the NAV of money market fund to be fluctuating.

The money market fund was first invented by Bruce Bent II’s father. Bruce Bent II is the President and Chairman of Double Rock Corporation and is also the President of the Reserve Management Company. Bruce Bent II has also served in the various positions at the Hallmark Investment Series Trust and its subsidiary firms.

The prestigious Smithsonian Institution named American Museum of Financial History has also recognized the money market fund due to its impact in the financial market. Money market fund is regulated in America by Securities and Exchange Commission. The money market funds are mostly short-term in nature and hold securities, commercial paper, and certificates of deposit, which help the fund get easy access to liquidity. People are always on the lookout for the investment options that can be liquidated quickly.

 Bruce Bent II went to Northeastern University and graduated with Bachelor of Science, majoring in Philosophy. Bruce Bent II is known highly for his expertise in the fields of cash flow management and cash related transactions. One of the industries where Bruce Bent II has played a vital role over the years is the retirement services industry, and his firm has come out with some high performance oriented long-term retirement plans.

May 18, 2017

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Hussain Sajwani: A Giant Of Real Estate Business On Global Scale

Hussain Sajwani, a leading name in real estate business, is working very hard to turn the desert of Dubai with the help of DAMAC Group into a most luxurious living place in this whole world by using his real estate skills and his contacts in leading countries. He is also trying to enhance his business relationship with the Trump Organization, real estate firm of Donald Trump. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://relationshipscience.com/hussain-ali-habib-sajwani-p3928145

The two icons of real estate are already in collaboration with the Trump International Golf Club, where magnificent villas have already racked up around $2 billion. Sajwani once told NBC News that his relationship with Donald is way beyond the POTUS to son Donald Jr., and Eric and daughter Ivanka. He also said that Ivanka and his wife are very good friends; they send emails to each other and act like a normal friends do.

Hussain Sajwani for DAMAC Group said he met Donald before the election for the inaugural of his Washington hotel. Over dinner, he said, it is quite clear that if Trump won he is going to hand over the business sector to the younger generation. At Mar-a-Lago POTUS gave them a shout-out by shouting at them as “the most beautiful people.”

While few watchdogs raised red flags about the intersection of interests in sensitive regions such as the Middle East, Hussain Sajwani brushes off such concerns. He said that there is no reason to be worried about his close relationship with the POTUS and Emir of Dubai.

DAMAC is a UAE company usually associated with eye-catching marketing stunts, glitzy property developments and, most recently, sensational golf course projects with POTUS, Donald Trump. Read more: 10 Richest Men in UAE

“After getting global recognition of exceptional food service performed by DAMAC Group for the U.S. Army during Operation Desert Storm, he worked for the Americans all across the globe, in Bosnia, Somalia, and the Gulf, and also for renowned American companies such as Bechtel.

The food sector is still part of DAMAC Group operations and also serves both as a reminder of very first business expertise of Hussain Sajwani and of also his capability to cultivate important friends at high places on a global scale so that he can improve his business on a rapid and continuous pace.

April 12, 2017

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Securus Technologies Receives Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in 2017

Securus Technologies is a leading company that develops and implements criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The products and services created by Securus Technologies specifically are designed for corrections, investigation, offender monitoring, as well as public safety.


Securus Technologies is the honored recipient of the 2017 Gold Stevie® Award. The company won the award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category. The award was bestowed at the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The ceremony was held at the Caesar’s Palace resort in Las Vegas in March


The business sponsors of the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service include Sales Partnerships, Inc., and ValueSelling Associates, Inc. Over 650 leading executives from across the globe attended the awards ceremony. The CEO of Securus Technologies was on hand and accepted the award on behalf of the company.


For this year’s awards, over 2,300 nominations were submitted. The nominations were reviewed by 77. The judges are all business professionals, true experts in their fields. There was over a 10 percent increase in the number of nominations received in 2017, when compared to the prior year.


The judges consider a variety of factors when vetting the nominees. These include a demonstration of a strong commitment by a nominee to identify problems and to develop meaningful solutions. Team cooperation within a business is also a consideration. Moreover, a nominee must demonstrate a meaningful commitment to the community.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in the United States and Canada. Over 1.2 million inmates in North America are served in various ways via Securus Technologies solutions.


Securus Technologies provides products and services in a different areas. These include public information, emergency response, investigation, incident management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, information management, communication, and offender monitoring.


April 10, 2017

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Sam Tabar To Be COO Of Fullcycle Energy Fund

Sam Tabar as the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund will have a number of responsibilities which would mainly include the strategy for its fund management. He has shown his eagerness to work with the senior leadership here as the company moves from high-costing fuels that pollute, to low costing fuels that are environmentally friendly too.

Sam Tabar has overseen budget strategy for a major part during his career. He was doing it for various financial institutions. This was his major activity as Capital Strategy Head while he was working with Merrill Lynch. He was providing fund managers introductions to institutional investments. These included endowments, foundations, and pensions besides family offices. Learn more about Sam Tabar: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0845880/

Tabar is consulted for operations a lot as he has experience in both back offices as well as front office. He has been Co-Heading Marketing when he was with Sparx Group. This is the biggest independent fund that is based in the Asia Pacific region. All this indicates that he has ample experience of managing various facets of marketing effort globally.

Besides experience in financial management, he has been an attorney while he was with Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. Another firm where he worked as an attorney was Schulte, Roth & Zabel. Tabar has earned his Masters of Law degree from Columbia Law School. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University. Additionally, he served as the Columbia Business Law Journal’s editor. Currently, he holds a position as a member at New York State Bar.

Angel.co stated that Sam Tabar is a private venture capitalist. Also, he has been an investor in Tribute and SheThinx, which is a company in the feminine hygiene segment. It has a social mission of empowering women all across the world.

Sam Tabar is a leading capital strategist. He has counseled clients on financial issues like hedge fund formation, its structure, various investment agreements, memos for private placement, side letters, besides employment issues, along with regulatory as well as compliance issues.

Art Station believes that Sam Tabar joined SPARX Group Co. in 2004. He rose quickly to the post of Managing Director as well as Co-Head of Business Development.

March 23, 2017

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The Rising Career Of Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

The Rising Career Of Litigation Attorney Karl HeideckKarl Heideck is an accomplished litigation attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He obtained his juris doctor degree from Temple University School of Law.

Prior to entering law school, Heideck studied at Swarthmore, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. Heideck graduated with honors, both at Swarthmore College as well as at Temple University.

Heideck has been practicing law for about a decade. When it comes to his work as a litigation lawyer, he represents individuals, businesses, and organizations. He is well-versed on all aspects of the litigation process.

Karl Heideck also practices employment lawIn addition to representing clients as a tenacious litigator, Heideck also practices employment law. He also maintains a commercial law practice as well. In addition, Heideck represents clients in regard to regulatory compliance, risk management, and products liability law.

The typical litigator begins setting his or her sights on this area of the law while still in law school. There are a set of core classes that a person interested in becoming a litigation attorney tend to pursue in law school. These include civil procedure, courtroom practice, and evidence.

Oftentimes, a lawyer interested in becoming a litigator actually begins his or her career on the criminal side of the judicial system. A person who wants to develop into a skilled, capable litigator will take a job in a prosecuting attorney’s office. A lawyer takes this route because of the significant amount of courtroom work that is involved in working with a prosecuting attorney.

Many litigation attorneys are part of larger law firms. In these types of settings, a firm may have a special department made up of litigators. Other times a litigator will be on the staff of a business or governmental agency. There are businesses and governmental agencies that face a notable amount of time involved in litigation.

March 9, 2017

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George Soros and his role in 2016 Presidential Election

George Soros is without any doubt, one of the biggest donors and supporters of American Liberal causes and the Democratic wing. He is one of the richest men from the USA with more than $24 billion in his portfolio. But he is more than that. George Soros is a political activist and a philanthropist with a clear understanding of how a government can make an impact on the nation and the citizens. Hence, he has been working throughout his life to support and promote democracy in the USA and other parts of the world.

George Soros has been an active supporter of the Democratic party as he strongly believes that this the best group that understand the best interest of the USA. This is why; he has been donating generously to support this Group, and he also played a vital role in shaping their policy making process through political advocacy on discoverthenetworks.org and activities. In 2004 election, Soros was considered as one of the largest donors for Democratic Party who helped the party to fight against Bush campaign. George Soros was quite concerned about the perspective and mindset of Bush, and this is why he spent a big fortune that time. However, once Bush won the election, he reduced his political donation and focused on philanthropic causes.

While Soros made a significant amount of Donation to Obama in the election on opensocietyfoundations.org, he made a huge buzz with his donations and commitment to donate a massive $26 million in the presidential election between Donald and Clinton. To Soros, Trump is nothing but an imposter who ran the election to build his brand only, and he was also worried that Trump would lead the USA to crisis issues on Investopedia with his drastic approach. Hence, he returned to the political arena with full support to Hillary and opened up his wallet.

Although it is not confirmed how much Soros spent in the Election to support the Democratic party as some organizations didn’t disclose the information, it is considered that he is one of the leading donors to the Democratic party in this election. Among his donations, a major portion of $7 million went to a super PAC called Priorities USA Action that supported Hillary. In addition to this, Soros also pledged additional $3 million to the same PAC as well. Soros also donated an opposition research super PAC called American Bridge 21st Century with a generous amount of $2 million that was fighting with Trump and other Republican candidates. On top of that, he also donated an additional $700,000 to a number of Democratic campaigns, PACs, and committees as well.

Soros also considered diversity aspect for this election and helped a PAC that have been working on such causes. Soros donated Immigrant Voters Win an amount of $3 million to motivate the Hispanic voters and increase their participation in key swing states. Also, he donated $5 million to Voting Rights Trust that was working against conservative efforts to restrict voting in the election. Another $2 million of his donation went to America Votes and $1.5 million to Senate Majority PAC and another 1.5 million to Planned Parenthood Votes PAC. Besides these, Soros also made numerous donations to some Democratic causes and organizations which are not disclosed yet.

February 19, 2017

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Fabletics Takes on Amazon in David and Goliath Styled Battle

One of the most interesting battles of 2017 will be between Fabletics and Amazon. This is a David and Goliath type of war, and everyone that shops online knows that Amazon is definitely Goliath. Fabletics is a failing business even though it has more than a million customers. This is a business that grew online, it continued to flourish as a couple of stores open throughout the United States. Now there is a lot of talk about how this company may possibly lure more customers with as many as 100 new stores within the next five years.


It is very possible that the physical stores are the smooth stones that David- also known as Fabletics in this scenario – will need in order to maximize profits and knock out the giant that is known as Amazon. This is a company that is headed by Kate Hudson. She is an actress, but there is certainly a strong entrepreneurial spirit that has taken over in the last several years.


Unlike the battle with David and Goliath, this Amazon versus Fabletics battle will not result in death. The rise of Fabletics, however, will certainly put a dent in the profits for Amazon. Both companies have the ability to sell clothing to women, and Amazon currently controls about 20% of this market. Amazon makes billions of dollars each year so it is easy for this company to continue to flourish even in the midst of competition from Fabletics. What is interesting, however, is the way that Fabletics caters primarily to women. This gives the company the ability to build a target market that can lure a lot of the customers away from Amazon. This may be the main reason that Amazon executives are taking note of everything that this company has done. Fabletics is the company to watch, and many people are going to consider what Kate Hudson is offering because her line of clothing is comfortable and durable. That is a rare combination that does not always present itself in the majority of clothes that consumers buy.


Fabletics is definitely the company that consumers can expect to see more of in the next five years. This is a company that has proven that there is a void in the industry, and Kate Hudson has every desire to fill this void. She has shown herself to be one of the best possible choices for leading a new wave of females that want to work out and look good while doing so. Hudson has taken an active role in promoting the clothes that are sold through the Fabletics website. She has made it her business to elevate this company to new heights that could have never been reached if she didn’t take the time to promote the brand herself. Fabletics is still a brand that appeals to a lot of different customers because it is still a novelty. Many people are still unaware of this brand so the newness of it all is still appealing.

February 17, 2017

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Highland Capital Increases its Stake in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund

Recently, the Dallas based finance firm Highland Capital Management increased its position in a fund known as the Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. The SEC has recently revealed that there is currently a total of over 793,000 shares which makes up a total of 5% of common stock. According to the SEC, Highland Capital co founder James Dondero possesses a total of shares exceeding 3 million of Nexpoint Credit Strategies. His firm Highland Capital Management owns a total of over 11 million dollars worth of shares of Nexpoint. With this information in mind, Highland Capital Management is now the second largest stakeholder of Nexpoint Credit Strategies behind Morgan Stanley who currently own over $16 million worth of shares. This fund is currently managed by an affiliate of Highland Capital Management known as Nexpoint Advisors.


James Dondero is the current co founder of Highland Capital Management. He has been running the firm for over twenty years. Dondero first founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1993 after working in the finance field for many years. James has been able to build the firm into one of the most successful finance firms in the world. With offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Korea, Highland Capital Management now has a considerable presence throughout the world. The firm helps a number of large institutional investors more efficiently manage their capital. Highland Capital Management offers a number of options that allow these investors to ensure that their assets are well maintained. This firm offers collateralized loan obligations, private equity securities and also hedge funds.


Dondero first accumulated a considerable amount of education before working in the field of finance. He earned a bachelor’s degree in both accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. When he completed his studies, James would achieve high honors in recognition of his academic performance. Once he finished college, James would begin his career working as a credit investor/analyst. He would hold this position for a few years before moving on to other positions in the finance industry. After many years of experience working in the field of finance, James would attain the position of chief investment officer. When he held this position, he would manage billions of dollars worth of assets. This gave him the first hand experience necessary to eventually start up his own firm.

February 13, 2017

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