Robert Ivy Talks About The Benefits Of Joining A Professional Association

In 2010, it was reported by the American Society of Association Executives that there were over 92,000 professional and trade associations in the United States. Trade associations seek to attract companies to be their members, whereas professional associations are recruiting individual workers as their members, however both have their perks and benefits – such as network opportunities, access to more education resources, and more. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.


Collecting credentials is an important factor when joining a professional organization. In many industries, being a part of an organization gives the worked more credibility, as they indicate they are more committed to the field and they actively seek to stay up-to-date when it comes to trends and developments. In addition, some organizations have certain codes of ethics, which can increase your image in the eyes of the clients or hiring managers. Robert Ivy, the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, notes that members know that the association stands for certain values, and that once you become a member you are held accountable and you have to adhere to those set of values. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.


Certain professional societies have separate branches which engage in efforts in order to sway those in charge of policy to make decision that could benefit their members. Belonging to an association which engages in political lobbying would increase their lobbying power. Robert Ivy states that despite the fact that architects are a small group when compared to other professions, their voice is strong, and they have an advocacy organization which affected tax legislation.


Robert Ivy was named Chief Executive Officer of AIA in 2011. Prior to that, he had a busy career, becoming the Editor in Chief in the year 1996 at Architectural Record. In addition, he has been the Vice President at McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which included publications such as, HQ, Architectural Record: China, and SNAP among others. In 2018, Robert Ivy has been honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, an award given to him by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The honor is given to artist which are connected to Mississippi, Robert Ivy being the first architect to receive the award.


October 17, 2018

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