My Small Business Benefits From Handy Cleaning Services

I run a small business out of a 3000 square foot building that I have to clean on a daily basis. I realized that keeping my workers until late to clean the building was taking up too much of our time and costing me more in the end. My solution was to get cleaners into the building to clean it on a weekly basis, instead of having to clean the place every single day. I learned a big lesson from hiring Handy as my cleaning service because it was not only affordable but also very practical.

There used to be at least five people staying to clean for up to two hours at the end of each evening, and they were each getting paid $30 for their cleaning services, which would add up very quickly after cleaning five days in the week. I’m saving a lot more money by using Handy, and I get professional cleaners, not people who are working for my fashion business since we have other things to do other than cleaning the building. I found out that Handy does cleaning services for anyone, so I figured they would do very well for my business.

Creating my account on website was easy, and I was able to get a worker to come out the next day as a way to test out their services. The worker did a great job and was able to do the cleaning within a couple hours, so I set it up to have a worker come out at least once a week if not every few days. I’m able to schedule appointments ahead of time, so I can always make sure that a Handy worker will come out, even if I forget that they were coming. I love Handy and what they are doing for my business. Check out


November 17, 2016

Posted In: Cleaning Services