Venezuelans Ordered to Take Drastic Measure to Help with Energy Problem

President Nicolas Maduro has announced that the time in Venezuela will spring forward 30 minutes allowing more daylight after residents get home in the evening when energy use is at its highest, according to an article published via the Independent. The country gets about 66 percent of its electricity from the Guri Dam which is at historical lows. People in the country are very upset about their energy crisis blaming the government for inefficiency in solving the problem which has been ongoing since 2008.

President Maduro has also asked people thru his Linked In account to reduce their use of air conditioning encouraging them to enjoy the tropical weather. Furthermore, he has ordered that women stop blow drying their hair except for special occasions. Additionally, he has ordered that residents stop drying clothes. He says that they should hang clothes outside to dry instead of using the electricity to operate dryers.
Residents are not the only ones hurt by the electricity shortage. He has ordered government officials to work only two days a week and many private industries have restricted working hours because of lack of electricity. Maduro had already ordered that all businesses cease operation for a week during the Easter holiday.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez has come up with an idea in order to encourage residents to do their part. Meanwhile, the president has often taken to the late night airwaves giving rambling speeches that only seem to upset residents even more. One of his recent speeches was recently interrupted by a power outage.

May 3, 2016

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