Retail And Home Lighting Automation With Gooee LEDs

There are big innovations coming to residential lighting. In fact, much of the innovation has already happened and many are just waiting to implement them. Perhaps the wait is due to the consumers just starting to catch on, and not really knowing what can be made possible in their homes using LED light bulbs.

The fact is, that any home with light sockets can be made into a wirelessly controlled lighting symphony using Gooee WiFi enabled LED lightbulbs. The WiFi enabled LED bulbs can be screwed into existing sockets, and then the light temperature, intensity, dimness, and on off features can be controlled from a tablet, smart phone or smart watch.

These WiFi capabilities are also exciting for retailers who can WiFi more than just to control the lighting levels. The WiFi sockets and bulbs can be used as wireless hubs to connect to a consumer’s smart phone offering them coupons, deals and offers right in the store. Real time marketing will make it easier for the consumer to shop and will be a more economical and effective way for merchants and vendors to market to their niche customer.

The future of LED lighting is bright, and coming from Gooee we can expect great things in this innovation and implementation. In fact, seeing how it works is as easy as picking up one of their LED lightbulbs and connecting it with your wireless device to see how easy it is to put it to the settings you like.

December 9, 2016

Posted In: Energy Saving, LED Lights