The Chainsmokers: Revolutionizing Beat Making Landscape Beat by Beat

Every soundtrack that makes up the various music hits that many listeners love is a product of tireless composition built by creative and dedicated beat producers such as Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. Taggart and Pall, who are the brains behind the widely successful deejay and beat production label The Chainsmokers, recently offered their fans a glimpse into what it takes to produce a soundtrack. Through a video tutorial posted online on their Facebook page, the pair took their audiences through the creative process involved in producing their newest soundtrack, “Somebody.” The fun fast-forward video allows their audiences to appreciate the modular synths involved in making the soundtrack. Fans also have a chance to sample the pitched-vocals that went into creating the beats. The clip dissects the anatomy of the soundtrack and gives the fans a rare opportunity to view the machines and equipment and how they creatively use them to make beats.

Specialists in Pop and Electronic Dance Music


Since coming together in 2012, The Chainsmokers have continued to blaze the trail when it comes to the production of dance, electronic and pop music soundtracks. The pair released their debut album in 2017 to critical acclaim. Since making their debut five years ago, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart made a name for themselves by producing award-winning soundtracks and chart-topping soundtracks. Their single, “Don’t Let Me Down” which was part of their debut extended play (EP), earned them a Grammy Award in 2017 and together with their singles “#Selfie,” “Closer” and “Roses” topped various charts including the US Billboard Hot 100.


The precocious pair has been won several awards due to their exploits in the music scene including two American Music Awards under the electronic and dance category. Three of their songs have won ASCAP Pop Music Awards for being the most performed songs including their hit single, “Closer” which they released in collaboration with Halsey. The song also won three Billboard Music Awards during the 2017 ceremony. The Chainsmokers have also won four other Billboard Music Awards and several iHeartRadio Music Awards. They recently ranked number one on Billboard’s Dance 100 list and had expanded their horizon to singing.

July 2, 2018

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