Richard Dwayne Blair Tailors Wealth Creation Strategies for Clients

Information is power. And as the business world changes rapidly, multiple complex financial products make the environment difficult to master. Wealth Solutions focuses on helping clients, professionals, as well as business owners to manage their wealth. The management applies their business experience to assist consumers in achieving their wealth management objectives. Here are the three pillars utilized to achieve these goals;

Pillar One- Creating the Roadmap

The first pillar creates the financial roadmap of the client. Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions uses this pillar to determine a client’s route by identifying the set goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and strengths. This phase is tailored to assist him to create a strong rapport with clients. Besides, he also gains an in-depth understanding of the client’s objectives on a personal level.

Pillar Two- Develop a Long Term Plan

The second pillar is tailored to generate a client’s substantial plan. In this pillar, Richard Dwayne Blair manages assets to assist capture different market shifts including upward movement. At the same time, he minimizes the negative implications of such market moves on a client’s investment portfolio.

Pillar Three – Reviewing the Pillars

The third pillar is a review of the first two pillars. Now that Richard Dwayne Blair has come up with a solid financial goal for the client, and enacted various strategies made to provide sufficient liquidity, he reviews the objectives. Of course, this is done in the client’s presence. This is followed by the implementation of the strategies and a review. Other than that, Richard Dwayne Blair tracks a client’s goals and compares them to the firm’s expectations.

Personal Profile

It takes time to create wealth. Although people work tirelessly in life, some variables like goals, security, and retirement, must be considered. Richard Dwayne Blair is a qualified wealth manager dedicated to helping clients create wealth and live their life’s goals. Having founded Wealth Solutions in 1994, he has been using the firm to transform people’s lives. Today, Richard Dwayne Blair is revered for his tremendous input in changing client’s lives by instigating wealth management strategies. For those stranded about wealth creation, this is the right person to look up to.


July 21, 2018

Posted In: Financial Adviser