Freedom Checks : The hidden tax code that could pay for your retirement

Often the route most working Americans take for their financial future tend to be through the accumulation of their 401K’s throughout their working years, however, experts now say that this might not be the best route for people today. Data shows that solely relying on the money from your 401K account will not only bring a decrease in lifestyle but also an uncertainty as many companies 401K programs are tied into wall street investments. So, how about Social Security? That’s guaranteed income every month. Yes, Social Security, for now, does guarantee monthly income, however, due to the over saturation of participates in the program, Social Security is now only paying about $2800 per year. All this has caused people to look towards making smart investments now in order to avoid these scenarios later.

Introducing Matt Badiali, a senior analyst at Banyan Hill and expert in the financial industry. Matt was first made waves when he introduced the world to Freedom Checks and the financial possibilities they carried. Although first thought of as a scam the method that Matt uses to make himself and his clients repeated high rates of returns is done through a relatively unknown tax code in the books. This overlooked tax code allows investors to earn high rates of return with additional subsidies from the U.S. government. Although Freedom Checks require an investment they are seen as a more stable investment than those commonly used. Freedom checks investments are used to fund companies recommended by Matt himself that utilize the tax code in order to avoid paying high taxes, in fact, much of their work is encouraged by the U.S government. To know more about the company click here.

Yes this is 100% legal, as stated before, Freedom checks are simply funding needed by companies to market products that are made from American natural resources which the government encourages companies to do by allowing them not to pay any taxes, that extra revenue is then passed down to the investors in the form of a constant high rate of returns.


December 25, 2018

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