Securus Technologies prevents crime through creation of privilege

They say that there’s nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose. Nowhere is this more palpably true than within the nation’s prison system. Any guard who has worked for more than a few months in one of the nation’s prisons will tell you that the most dangerous threat that they will ever face is a prisoner that feels they have absolutely nothing to lose.


But one company, Securus Technologies, has been creating new ways to give prisoners that added dose of hope that can keep them on the straight and narrow while they serve out their time. Through the introduction of technologies as Securus video visitation, Securus Technologies is giving prisoners the ability to stay in touch with their friends and family on the outside, on a nearly constant basis. This ability to maintain strong familial bonds created a privilege that many prisoners find far too precious to give up.


And by creating services that prisoners genuinely have a deep need to utilize, Securus Technologies is also doing its part to maintain safety and order within the nation’s carceral institutions. Now, many prisoners become reliant on Securus video visitation technology, and this gives them the willingness to do whatever it takes to retain the privileges that give them the ability to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones.


On the other hand, prisoners who are not able to avail themselves of this technology oftentimes fall into the criminal lifestyle that prevails within the nation’s prisons. In contrast to inmates who are oriented towards maintaining positive relationships with law-abiding citizens on the outside, prisoners who become socialized to the criminal milieu within the nation’s correctional facilities often value the admiration of their peers more than any privilege that they may have. This gives them a propensity to violence and violating the rules of the institution.


November 29, 2017

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Securus Technologies Receives Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in 2017

Securus Technologies is a leading company that develops and implements criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The products and services created by Securus Technologies specifically are designed for corrections, investigation, offender monitoring, as well as public safety.


Securus Technologies is the honored recipient of the 2017 Gold Stevie® Award. The company won the award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category. The award was bestowed at the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The ceremony was held at the Caesar’s Palace resort in Las Vegas in March


The business sponsors of the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service include Sales Partnerships, Inc., and ValueSelling Associates, Inc. Over 650 leading executives from across the globe attended the awards ceremony. The CEO of Securus Technologies was on hand and accepted the award on behalf of the company.


For this year’s awards, over 2,300 nominations were submitted. The nominations were reviewed by 77. The judges are all business professionals, true experts in their fields. There was over a 10 percent increase in the number of nominations received in 2017, when compared to the prior year.


The judges consider a variety of factors when vetting the nominees. These include a demonstration of a strong commitment by a nominee to identify problems and to develop meaningful solutions. Team cooperation within a business is also a consideration. Moreover, a nominee must demonstrate a meaningful commitment to the community.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in the United States and Canada. Over 1.2 million inmates in North America are served in various ways via Securus Technologies solutions.


Securus Technologies provides products and services in a different areas. These include public information, emergency response, investigation, incident management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, information management, communication, and offender monitoring.


April 10, 2017

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How Securus Technologies is Transforming the Prison Industry

Securus Technologies is one of the established leaders in the provision of inmate technologies in the prison industry. The criminal and civil justice technology solutions from Securus Technologies are aimed at fostering public safety, monitoring, investigation as well as corrections among several others. The firm recently launched its digitized forms application, which I firmly believe will go far way in facilitating the service delivery in our prisons.


The ConnectUs’ Inmate Forms and Grievance app will save our correctional facilities a lot regarding money and time. According to the Vice President of Securus Technologies, Russell Roberts, the firm is committed to offering prison technologies solutions, which will help improve their customer experience. For many years, the prison industry has been using paper forms for almost all, if not all, of the different inmate requests. As a result, our correctional staff and the prison authority’s end up spending a lot of time to distribute, collect, review and approve the various inmate request paper forms from the prisoners.


With the new, responsive technology from Securus Technologies, processing inmate requests will be much easier and quicker. The ConnectUs application will enable the prison management as well as the prisoners even to change things on the requests. Additionally, in such a case that the requests need to be replaced, it will be done within no time, and no any printing will be required. The Inmate Forms and Grievance app on ConnectUs have transformed our prison industry from processing inmate requests manually with the digital automation. On average, the ConnectUs application automates 13.8 request forms per inmate per month. Inherently, it saves a lot of time, which can be directed to other pressing matters in the security and safety sector.


The ConnectUs’ Inmate Forms and Grievance app is a robust inmate platform that is without an equal in the market. The application enables the prisoners to access and send information in the most efficient way possible. Besides, the Securus Technologies’ platform offers features and services that the prison industry had no access to previously. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides its services to more than 3,420 prisons and over 1,200,000 prisoners across America.


September 9, 2016

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