FreedomPop Welcomes All Customers To Enjoy Their Services

Wireless services are probably the most important service that a person needs in their life today, especially since having a cell phone can prove to be very meaningful and useful in emergency situations. Although not everyone experiences an emergency where they need to call the police, fire officials, or the ambulance, everyone wants to have access to these services at all times. One of the biggest things keeping some people from using wireless service is the fact that many carriers may be charging too much money for the service, which may make them cut off the service or try to find a cheaper carrier.

It may have been difficult in the past to find a carrier that charged reasonable prices for wireless services, but not when it comes to FreedomPop. Those who had made the switch to FreedomPop couldn’t be happier with the services that they receive, especially if they are using the cell phone service. Now, cell phone service is even better at FreedomPop because not only CDMA phone users can enjoy the service. Those who used to have a Sprint phones can transfer it over to FreedomPop, so they’ll be able to continue using their phone on a different service carrier.

Those who have a GSM phone, which is a phone that takes a sim card, they can now use the phone on FreedomPop as well, as long as they’ve unlocked the phone, which is necessary before the phone can be used with FreedomPop. Many care about the restrictions on the different phones that can be used, but there are very few restrictions with FreedomPop. As long as a phone is newer and has at least a 7.0 iOS or a 4.0 Android system, the phone is alright to use on the FreedomPop network.

Also, since there are different ways to unlock a phone, it’s important to state that the phone must be network unlocked, which means it frees the phone from any network that it may currently be locked to. Phones that were purchased in an unlocked state will also work on FreedomPop as well. Those who get FreedomPop service can get a service that is free of charge, which has limited minutes, data, and text messages, but those who want unlimited service on their cell phone can pay for the service that starts at $19.99. Come and try out FreedomPop and their great services today.

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October 31, 2016

Posted In: Mobile Services