The Chainsmokers: Revolutionizing Beat Making Landscape Beat by Beat

Every soundtrack that makes up the various music hits that many listeners love is a product of tireless composition built by creative and dedicated beat producers such as Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. Taggart and Pall, who are the brains behind the widely successful deejay and beat production label The Chainsmokers, recently offered their fans a glimpse into what it takes to produce a soundtrack. Through a video tutorial posted online on their Facebook page, the pair took their audiences through the creative process involved in producing their newest soundtrack, “Somebody.” The fun fast-forward video allows their audiences to appreciate the modular synths involved in making the soundtrack. Fans also have a chance to sample the pitched-vocals that went into creating the beats. The clip dissects the anatomy of the soundtrack and gives the fans a rare opportunity to view the machines and equipment and how they creatively use them to make beats.

Specialists in Pop and Electronic Dance Music


Since coming together in 2012, The Chainsmokers have continued to blaze the trail when it comes to the production of dance, electronic and pop music soundtracks. The pair released their debut album in 2017 to critical acclaim. Since making their debut five years ago, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart made a name for themselves by producing award-winning soundtracks and chart-topping soundtracks. Their single, “Don’t Let Me Down” which was part of their debut extended play (EP), earned them a Grammy Award in 2017 and together with their singles “#Selfie,” “Closer” and “Roses” topped various charts including the US Billboard Hot 100.


The precocious pair has been won several awards due to their exploits in the music scene including two American Music Awards under the electronic and dance category. Three of their songs have won ASCAP Pop Music Awards for being the most performed songs including their hit single, “Closer” which they released in collaboration with Halsey. The song also won three Billboard Music Awards during the 2017 ceremony. The Chainsmokers have also won four other Billboard Music Awards and several iHeartRadio Music Awards. They recently ranked number one on Billboard’s Dance 100 list and had expanded their horizon to singing.

July 2, 2018

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Desiree Perez-Girls Are Running the World!

Desiree Perez, native New Yorker, and Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer prove that Girls Run the World! The brilliant COO landed on Billboard’s 2017 list, highlighting Women of Music who represent the industry as influencers, creators, and innovators. Ms. Perez officially joined music label’s Roc Nation in 2009. Roc Nation’s illustrious entertainment brand was founded by mogul and rapper, Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z. Desiree Perez governs all day to day activities for the business. The lady of many hats has a keen perspective on the company’s publishing and labeling initiatives. She is known for her shrewd negotiation skills across the music industry. Ms. Perez engineered a $200 million deal with Sprint and TIDAL, the label’s new streaming service. She also shaped the success of Jay-Z’s last album 4:44 which reached platinum status on the heels of the albums release date. The 4:44 Album Tour grossed an average of 21% more sales than that of the Magna Carter Tour in 2013. The illustrious COO orchestrated Roc Nation singer Rihanna’s Anti Tour, establishing a $25 million sponsorship with Samsung. Beyonce’s Formation Stadium Tour also was guided by the fierce negotiator. Powerful female executive, Desiree Perez, has fostered successes with a multitude of Roc Nations artists. She, in fact, is a major factor behind the brand’s growth and elevation to new and interesting heights. Desiree Perez has a passion for posturing the labels top artists for triumphs-such as Jay-Z’s recent partnership with Live Nation, an equity partner. The deal garnered a $200 million long-term touring project for the artist. Desiree Perez has changed the landscape of music with her innovative and groundbreaking moves-revolutionizing the industry as we know it today.

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March 11, 2018

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Doug Levitt travels for change

Singer and songwriter Doug Levitt has found a way to connect America with music. After having a career based in London as a journalist, he came back to America and started what he called ‘ The Greyhound Diaries’ in which he traveled across states showing the struggles people face in today’s society.

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington, DC, and later in life decided delivering the news wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to do something that had a meaning behind it and that is how ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ came about. The singer decided that people needed to know the struggles of others around them, so he decided to ride across the country for over seven years doing concerts and all the while posting stories and pictures of people he met.

The Greyhound Diaries was created into a book that shows over 70,000 miles of stories and pictures of the struggles that are happening within our society and sometimes goes unnoticed by others. Not only is there the book, there is also a website that has documented the stories that Doug found as he traveled.

Doug Levitt understands the advantages he has in life and knows that a lot don’t get to have those advantages as a child or an adult. He hoped that by creating ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ project it will help society become aware that there are people that aren’t as lucky and need the support of the communities to provide the care needed.

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September 27, 2016

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Doug Levitt – Exposing Another Face of America 70,000 Miles Down the Road

Doug Levitt is not your ordinary song-writer and singer. Abandoning a possibly promising career as a Journalist in major U.S. news outlets, Dough chose to reflect lives of Americans by traveling on Greyhound buses. For the last seven years, he has traveled more than 70,000 miles across America to listen to the stories of millions of Americans who cannot afford even the most basic necessities in the most developed country in the world.

Known as, The Greyhound Diaries, Doug was inspired by the WPA projects of 1930s, which was an effort to portray lives of Americans during the hardships of that era. As such, Doug Levitt also wants to share the stories of around 42 Million Americans were are living in poverty. These Americans travel by Greyhound buses only because they cannot afford to buy a car. In fact, the story of their struggles is alarming because few Americans can understand how a full-time worker working diligently is not able to maintain an adequate standard of living in the most powerful nation on the earth. In fact, these are the questions that Doug wants to answer by sharing experiences of Americans who travel by Greyhound.

As a son of D.C. politician, Doug was born in the capital city, which is regarded as mostly recession-proof. Living in the city, he did not forget that there are millions of Americans who have never been to Washington or New York because they cannot afford to travel to these cities. Accordingly, he always wanted to learn about the struggles of poor Americans.

To portray his experiences with struggling individuals, Levitt regularly arranges concerts where he communicates the plight of Americans through songs, pictures and videos. According to Doug, his journey across America has also allowed him to learn unique perspectives, which provide further encouragement to continue the project. What was initially a 6-week trip across America has turned into a 7 year long journey of inspiration. Considering that American demographics are as varied as its landscape, Doug thinks that there will always be a new story to share. By sharing, he can raise awareness among the American Public that there is a social in-equality in America, which keeps hard-working Americans struggling to live normal lives.

July 29, 2016

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