QNET Partners With Sharp To Sell New Products

QNET has announced that they are now in a strategic partnership with the Japanese electronics giant, Sharp. They are joining forces to sell Sharp’s Plasma Cluster Air Purifier in India through QNET’s vast network of direct sales associates. It will be branded as a Sharp-QNET product.

Kishalay Ray, speaking on behalf of Sharp Business Systems India Private Ltd., expressed Sharp’s pleasure with getting to do business with the fast-rising QNET, which has built a large marketing base in parts of India. He also felt that QNET’s product lines that promote health and wellness would be a perfect fit for Sharp’s Air Purifier products. The plan is to keep exposing QNET associates to more products and services that promote good health and happiness in all parts of India and throughout the world. QNET is continuing to innovate and create great new relationships.

Someone from QNET India said they see this as a big “win-win” for both QNET and Sharp. He said the purifier unit fits well in QNET’s niche of health care products and services. QNET has become a member of Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA) of India to work to improve the healthiness and richness of their lifestyles. QNET has recently made a large commitment to helping everyone in India live healthier. They have even donated generously to the Home of Hope mission in Bangalore. It helps over 200 poor adults recover their health with a two-month-long program. Read more about the efforts of QNET around the world.

June 10, 2016

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