More Footwear Options Now Available On Slyce

Slyce is one of the most innovative new technologies in terms of bridging the gap between consumers and retailers. They bridge this gap by providing a reliable application for searching for products through visual search recognition software. The software that runs the application searches for products based on images that the consumer picks out. The consumer can use a variety of images to conduct their search. They can actually take a picture of a product that they see in their environment in order to search for it in Slyce’s market place, which is probably the most convenient way to conduct a search through Slyce. However, the user also has the option to take a picture of a picture, or they can use QR codes or barcodes to conduct their search on Slyce.

New Partnerships Between Slyce And Major Retailers

One of the latest partnerships that Slyce is proud to announce is the agreement with Shoe Carnival Inc. that will bring high quality footwear to a virtual search market place located on every consumer’s smart phone. Slyce announced in an article from Market Wired that they will be presenting products from Shoe Carnival, and they officially signed this agreement in October of 2015, so users are excited to finally get closer to the products offered by this valued retailer in major brands of footwear.

Shoe Carnival offers footwear options to men, women and children, and they have the best national and regional name brands to offer to consumers. They offer their products at affordable prices, and they have 400 stores across the US. With all their retail space and a new connection with Slyce’s virtual market place it appears that Shoe Carnival will be gaining more recognition as a reliable retailer in shoe sales.

SLyce has made several interesting partnerships over the last year. They have partnered with Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, Tilly’s and others, so their users have many options to choose from when they want quality products. Users get the advantage of not having to go to a store, and they don’t have to conduct lengthy searches online by using Slyce to do all their online shopping. Slyce is easy to use, and the app is free to download. If you haven’t already started downloading it, then you should check out this article from Market Wired.

April 5, 2016

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