Sunday Riley : Talking about her brand and what it means to her

Sunday Riley is one of the most revered and recognized beauty brands out in the market today, go ahead, pick up any magazine, turn on social media and you’ll no doubt be bombarded by the incredible amount of people praising her products. Sunday Riley sure has made a big impression on the beauty world, from her humble beginnings as a Texan entrepreneur to an establish pop-up shop in New York City, Sunday Riley does it right. In a recent sit-down interview, we go in debt with Sunday Riley about her personal life and the company.

What did your brand bring in 09 that the world was missing?

The beauty industry at the time was only producing ingredients crafted in a lab somewhere, and of course, everyone knows that to get a more natural product you need actual natural ingredients. Sunday Riley states that her interest in botanicals is what lead her to create the brand we love today.

Are you an expert in the field of cosmology?

Sunday Riley comments on that fact that she’s no expert in the field, however, through trial and error and years of experience, her products, and her skills have improved gradually. What makes Riley’s products different is the fact that she doesn’t see her products as a science experiment but as art. Riley comments that every time she and her team are creating a new product a series of questions follow, what is the scent, how does it feel and what is the end goal?

Are you proud of a particular product?

Her response is that she is proud of all her products, and if she ever loses pride in one then she’ll have no problem cutting that from her line. She further comments on the fact that her pride comes from the fact that every product she displays has gone through hundreds of trials and only the best make it to her light up. I’m not a second try and its perfect kinda person, Riley states.

December 15, 2018

Posted In: Skin Care