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Paul Mampilly works in the finance industry. He has an extensive education and career background. He graduated from Fordham University with an MBA. After college, be began working in managing portfolios for Bankers Trust. His knowledge of investing led to working for legal firms like ING and Deutache Bank. His work at these legal firms did not go unnoticed. Billion dollar companies believed he would be a good fit for working their company. He ended up working at Kinetics Asset Management. He was over the company’s hedge fund accounts, and he successfully increased the company’s assets to tens of billions of dollars. Because of this, Paul Mampilly earned his company one of the world’s best returns due to this significant increase. Follow Paul on Facebook.

With time, Paul Mampilly decided that the hustle and bustle of Wall Street was not for him. He desired a career that allowed for him to be more with his family. So, he became an investment analyst where he researches the latest in stocks, investments and economics occurring around the world. This career fulfills him in the fact that he is able to help regular people benefit from a financially comfortable lifestyle investments can offer people. Working as an editor writing newsletters for Banyan Hill publishing, has allowed him to equip readers with the insight and tips on making money. His helpful advice has landed him television appearances frequently on Bloomberg TV, FOX and CNBC.

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What makes Paul Mampilly an asset to Banyan Hill publishing is his unique experience in investments. Having an understanding of Wall Street, is a factor that the common investor does not have. As the editor, he is able to write from a Wall Street perspective to aid investors. He has held multiple positions on Wall Street like a trading desk manager, analyst and money management.

Today, Paul Mampilly is researching how speculations can make companies investments. He is also seeing how investors can cash in on investments that were not available twenty years ago. A lot of today’s investment are focused more on growth and worrying about profits down the road. Mainly, he is making sure his Banyan Hill Publishing newsletter aids all investors with the knowledge to invest more effectively. Read more about Paul on Interview.net.

July 1, 2018

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