More Fabletics Stores on the Way

Millions of people have been shopping on the Fabletics website. There are a quite a few people that are interested in what this brand brings to the table. Those that have not heard of the brand yet have the chance to get acquainted with the brand up close and personal. According to Racked, a website that brings fashion news into homes through the web, Kate Hudson and her team are planning to open 100 stores.

This is big news. There are less than 10 stores with the Fabletics label in the United States right now. It may not have been big news if another 2 or 3 stores were opening. This is obviously different though. This is more than 100 stores in the next 5 years. What this says is that Fabletics is planning to compete in a major way with other companies like Old Navy, Academic Sports Academy and Dick’s Sporting Goods on Facebook. This is a company that is all ready to make sure that new customers can be acquired even if the customers do not shop online.

That may be the missing element for Fabletics. The website has been doing well, but co-founders Ressler, Goldenberg and Hudson saw the need to do more. There are people on the outside looking in that would certainly wonder why anyone with a successful website would be interested in moving towards physical stores. This would not seem logical to the average customer. Ressler and Goldenberg recognize trends though. They are well aware that they had already saturated their fan base on the Internet. The only other logical step – as far as they could see it – was to move to the physical stores.

One thing that will improve with the stores is the increase in salespeople that can promote the subscription services on Right now people are subscribing primarily because they are getting familiar with the subscription online. There is no one in place that is telling them that about the value of the subscription service. With the opening of 100 stores there will be lots of salespeople in stores that can spread the word about the subscription services that are offered by Fabletics. This is a great way to build the value of the brand and make more people aware of all that is available with this company. It is an interesting strategy that is bound to increase profitability.

September 28, 2016

Posted In: Fashion Company