Naomi Campbell: The Leader Of Fashion For Relief

You don’t always think of a glamorous fashion show as one that is dedicated to charitable cause, but when it comes to Fashion For Relief, that’s what that was all about. The show was launched by and featured one of Britain’s hottest models, Naomi Campbell. Campbell hides nothing of her flamboyant personality, and the fashion brands she represents, but also is a philanthropist at heart and organizes events like this to benefit charities. In this case, the Fashion For Relief event was geared towards ebola awareness and support, and was conducted in partnership with, an international crisis awareness foundation.

Naomi Campbell has been a supermodel for over 30 years, starting when she was only 15 years old and showcasing for some of the world’s most famous fashion lines. Among the brands she’s modeled for include Christian Dior, Versace, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. She has transcended the age of pop culture, making appearances in many TV shows and videos alongside stars like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, and Bob Marley. She has also produced reality TV shows, such as Oxygen’s “The Face”, a show that delved behind the scenes into the rigors of becoming a fashion model.

The first time she hosted a Fashion For Relief event was in 2005 to honor New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. But she has also had her run-ins with racial discrimination in the fashion industry, and later helped establish Balance Diversity, an initiative to help bring more ethnic diversity into the modeling industry. Before South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela passed away, Campbell was pleased to travel to the country to help give back to the hurting communities, and in the meantime earned the nickname “Honorary Granddaughter”, and even today she proudly supports the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. To find out more about Naomi Campbell’s work, you can go to

July 29, 2016

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