Neurocore is a company that has been studying neuroscience and how the brain works to better treat neurological conditions. In turn, the company then changed the way that people think about psychological conditions as well. Read more about Neurocore at

The company ended up specializing in something called brain training and that is something that has changed the way that people look at the brain and the way that patients are treated. Because the treatment is still growing in popularity and not yet widespread those that get the treatment must pay out of pocket for the treatment from Neurocore. But there are currently treatment centers all over Florida and Michigan for those that are seeking treatment. But the company is looking to expand further and eventually have clinics all over the country as brain training becomes more of a normal treatment to people who have depression, anxiety, and much more.


For those that are seeking treatment from the facility, they must first go to Neurocore at the clinic and get evaluated. The evaluation is a process that will take some time as it is interviewing from the team in which is assigned to you and then a series of brain scans, EEG’s, and you write down your feelings in journals about your everyday life. After that, the team can come up with a treatment plan for you to solve the problem and train your brain in order for you to have a happier and more productive life. The team will explain the treatment plan and the duration that they expect the treatment to take as well as what you as the patient has to do on your end in order for the brain training to work. Right from the start, it is explained that you have to actively work to train your brain and that it is hard work especially at the beginning but as the brain training takes root it will become easier over time with the help of the treatments from the clinic. During the treatments, the doctors will talk with you to check on how you are doing and how you feel about the whole thing as well if you think that you are making the progress that you should. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

August 14, 2018

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