Malini Saba: A Great Business Woman and Philanthropist

Malini Saba is the chair of Saban– an establishment that has had or rather retains various diverse investment interests worldwide like oil and gas companies in China, technology in the US and real estate in India and Australia.


As a passionate philanthropist, Malini started the “Stree: Global Investment in Women.” Stree is a non-profit agency that aims at changing the way at-risk and low-income women and children in the whole world see themselves and their societal roles. This organization was inaugurated by Bill Clinton- Former US President. It offers a means by which women access legal empowerment and healthcare. It is also a forum through which grassroots movements connect with public policies in India, Africa, Central America and Eastern Europe.


Her life as an investor and philanthropist


Born in southern Asia, Malini Saba is an investor and philanthropist who has worked so hard to become an international business person. I think her life is one to be imitated by many.


She began her career several years back investing into territories the world over. Together with her associates, she fought so hard against corrupt individuals who tried to push her out of her area when she was just starting out. In the process, she lost a lot of cash, time as well as businesses.


An average person would have given up, but not Malini. She went on and started another enterprise with her associates. Once more, they encountered some pretty nasty experiences. Still, she did not quit!


As of today, it is clear that her persistence did pay off. Malini is among the biggest large-scale resource owners involving energy companies, rice fields, and real estate.


I am also intrigued by the fact that she is helping the less fortunate in the society. The Stree organization that she started helps in elevating other women.


Malini Saba began her investment career in the 90s with organizations from Silicon Valley. Her investment ventures include Netscreen Technologies, Paypal and Sycamore Networks, all of which have proved to be really successful.


One thing I realized is that Saba knows how to choose the best investments to risk her money. As she puts it, the commodity market is one of her favorite places to invest due to the risks involved as well as the high returns.


It is so incredible that even with her success; Malini still puts her family first. She does not rely on babysitters to take care of her child. Unlike many business women, she has a direct connection with her child.


November 14, 2016

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FreedomPop Welcomes All Customers To Enjoy Their Services

Wireless services are probably the most important service that a person needs in their life today, especially since having a cell phone can prove to be very meaningful and useful in emergency situations. Although not everyone experiences an emergency where they need to call the police, fire officials, or the ambulance, everyone wants to have access to these services at all times. One of the biggest things keeping some people from using wireless service is the fact that many carriers may be charging too much money for the service, which may make them cut off the service or try to find a cheaper carrier.

It may have been difficult in the past to find a carrier that charged reasonable prices for wireless services, but not when it comes to FreedomPop. Those who had made the switch to FreedomPop couldn’t be happier with the services that they receive, especially if they are using the cell phone service. Now, cell phone service is even better at FreedomPop because not only CDMA phone users can enjoy the service. Those who used to have a Sprint phones can transfer it over to FreedomPop, so they’ll be able to continue using their phone on a different service carrier.

Those who have a GSM phone, which is a phone that takes a sim card, they can now use the phone on FreedomPop as well, as long as they’ve unlocked the phone, which is necessary before the phone can be used with FreedomPop. Many care about the restrictions on the different phones that can be used, but there are very few restrictions with FreedomPop. As long as a phone is newer and has at least a 7.0 iOS or a 4.0 Android system, the phone is alright to use on the FreedomPop network.

Also, since there are different ways to unlock a phone, it’s important to state that the phone must be network unlocked, which means it frees the phone from any network that it may currently be locked to. Phones that were purchased in an unlocked state will also work on FreedomPop as well. Those who get FreedomPop service can get a service that is free of charge, which has limited minutes, data, and text messages, but those who want unlimited service on their cell phone can pay for the service that starts at $19.99. Come and try out FreedomPop and their great services today.

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Handy Helps Me With Cleaning in the Business World

As an event planner it is my job to make sure that I have access to a clean place for throwing a party. When my business was smaller it was no problem for me to clean up the areas where I had the parties. It wasn’t a problem for me to get my sister or a couple of friends to help me clean up.

Now that my business has expanded I have to say that the best thing that I can do right now is hire Handy Cleaning Services. These are some great contracted workers. These services are very affordable, and I have found that the service is always done in a professional manner. It isn’t hard for me to embrace this type of professional cleaning because it saves me so much time. I have a big business now, and I don’t have the time to actually clean every time that I throw a party.

I think that a lot of people can benefit from Handy Cleaning Services if they have businesses like mine. It is also a great company for people that need to clean in their homes as well. I have discovered that Handy is one of those companies that people never think that they need until they start using this company. It is only then that they discover that Handy is the type of company that they need in order to save time. I have been fortunate enough to realize that I could not run my business as well as I do if I didn’t have the on-demand home cleaning services that Handy provided.

I am sure that this company can save people time. It has helped me rearrange my entire life. Cleaners is what every event planner needs if they have their own place to throw parties. I think that Handy contractors can make millions because I am sure that there are people like myself that need this type of help. The concept of Handy seems so great that I wish I had thought of the idea myself. I recently discovered that Handy is also expanding to cleaning vacation properties. I certainly think that owners of Handy were smart to move beyond office and home cleaning. It gives the workers even more chances to make money. I think that this company has a lot of opportunities to grow. Millions of customers are already using these services regularly.


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The Reason Brand Reputation Is Important To Marketers

One aspect of business that should be thought about is the reputation of the brand. This should be in fact one of the first few thoughts in the mind of someone that is thinking about starting his own business. There are a lot of factors to the importance of reputation. According to, among the factors that people should look at is that customers do look at the reputation of the business. The most important aspect of a business to the customer is the experience of other customers with the brand. For one thing, the customer is trying to protect himself from any bad experiences.

Fortunately for internet marketers, online reputation management is basically the same principal is internet marketing. One just has to know how to market his brand in order to reach a huge audience. Among the aspects of marketing is presenting a good image of the brand so that people will want to buy from the brand. Also, search engine optimization is a big thing because people are going to look at search results when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy from a company or not. Therefore, it is important for one to get used to releasing optimized content about his brand.

As one gets used to releasing optimized content, then he will be able to fight off any bad press with ease. Anything that appears on the front page of search results will be eventually dropped from the front page with new updates to the site.

One thing that people need to understand about online reputation management is that one has to keep up with every mention. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools that could help with that. There are tons of different social media platforms that could carry mentions that it could actually be a waste of time trying to locate every mention. With the right tools, one could stay on top of his own online reputation.


October 7, 2016

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Great Gooee LED Lighting

Gooee LED Lighting is excellent for your lighting needs in your home. Since the lighting is made to the highest specifications, it will work well for you at all times.

How Do You Know Which Gooee LED Lighting Product To Choose?

First, you want to know which room you will be putting it in. You will also want to know which part of the room will give you the most light before you choose the Gooee LED Lighting of your choice. You can also ask questions, if you are finding it difficult to know which one is best for your needs.

Are The Gooee LED Lighting Products Expensive?

The prices will vary, some are more and some are less expensive. Take a look at the selection before you decide on which light you want to purchase for your home. You can also take note that there are promotions, specials and sales from time to time to help you with the costs.

Gooee is a company that backs their products. They are located in the Silicon Valley in California. Since they know that you need to understand your Gooee LED Lighting product, there is an instruction book that is included with it. You should make sure that you read it over carefully. You want to be sure that you are caring for it correctly. Never hesitate to contact them if you have questions about your Gooee LED Lighting, because they will be happy to assist you.

October 5, 2016

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“NZ a Model of Tax Transparency” Article Summary

In his New Zealand Herald article entitled “NZ a Model of Tax Transparency,” attorney Geoffrey Cone outlines his argument for the ethical nature of New Zealand’s foreign trusts. Cone not only debunks the tax haven myth by illustrating how his country complies with standards created by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, but he also points out that New Zealand holds a spot on the OECD’s coveted “white list,” proving that it has largely conformed to the group’s internationally agreed standards. Besides New Zealand’s adherence to pacts signed by multilateral bodies, the country’s own international agreements are also used by Cone to bolster his case. He outlines the nation’s 39 double tax agreements, 20 tax information exchange agreements, and New Zealand’s participation in the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. As Cone points out, these are “not the actions of a tax haven.” The author sums up his argument by praising the honesty and virtue of his colleagues in the industry, citing that many of the service providers are lawyers and accountants who are not only subject to their own government’s strict regulations but are also members of the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Mr. Cone believes that he and his counterparts are part of the reason New Zealand has such a sterling reputation with the international community when it comes to foreign trusts and taxes. Instead of accusing them of creating a tax haven, the author suggests instead that the focus be on regulating trust companies to guarantee they meet the same high standards, thus further bolstering New Zealand’s excellent reputation in this area.

Geoffrey Cone is a founding partner of Cone Marshall Limited in Auckland where he specializes in international trust and tax planning. After graduating from University of Otago, New Zealand, he received an advanced degree in tax and trust law before beginning practice in 1980 and later joining a prestigious law firm in Christchurch. Cone Marshall was found in 1997 and holds the distinction of being the only New Zealand firm to focus on international trust and tax planning. Mr. Cone shares a vacation home near Jose Ignacio, Uruguay with his wife, Sarah. His favorite hobbies include entertaining family and friends, sailing his boat in the lagoon, and riding around in “Willy,” his trusty old army jeep.

October 4, 2016

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More Fabletics Stores on the Way

Millions of people have been shopping on the Fabletics website. There are a quite a few people that are interested in what this brand brings to the table. Those that have not heard of the brand yet have the chance to get acquainted with the brand up close and personal. According to Racked, a website that brings fashion news into homes through the web, Kate Hudson and her team are planning to open 100 stores.

This is big news. There are less than 10 stores with the Fabletics label in the United States right now. It may not have been big news if another 2 or 3 stores were opening. This is obviously different though. This is more than 100 stores in the next 5 years. What this says is that Fabletics is planning to compete in a major way with other companies like Old Navy, Academic Sports Academy and Dick’s Sporting Goods on Facebook. This is a company that is all ready to make sure that new customers can be acquired even if the customers do not shop online.

That may be the missing element for Fabletics. The website has been doing well, but co-founders Ressler, Goldenberg and Hudson saw the need to do more. There are people on the outside looking in that would certainly wonder why anyone with a successful website would be interested in moving towards physical stores. This would not seem logical to the average customer. Ressler and Goldenberg recognize trends though. They are well aware that they had already saturated their fan base on the Internet. The only other logical step – as far as they could see it – was to move to the physical stores.

One thing that will improve with the stores is the increase in salespeople that can promote the subscription services on Right now people are subscribing primarily because they are getting familiar with the subscription online. There is no one in place that is telling them that about the value of the subscription service. With the opening of 100 stores there will be lots of salespeople in stores that can spread the word about the subscription services that are offered by Fabletics. This is a great way to build the value of the brand and make more people aware of all that is available with this company. It is an interesting strategy that is bound to increase profitability.

September 28, 2016

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Doug Levitt travels for change

Singer and songwriter Doug Levitt has found a way to connect America with music. After having a career based in London as a journalist, he came back to America and started what he called ‘ The Greyhound Diaries’ in which he traveled across states showing the struggles people face in today’s society.

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington, DC, and later in life decided delivering the news wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to do something that had a meaning behind it and that is how ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ came about. The singer decided that people needed to know the struggles of others around them, so he decided to ride across the country for over seven years doing concerts and all the while posting stories and pictures of people he met.

The Greyhound Diaries was created into a book that shows over 70,000 miles of stories and pictures of the struggles that are happening within our society and sometimes goes unnoticed by others. Not only is there the book, there is also a website that has documented the stories that Doug found as he traveled.

Doug Levitt understands the advantages he has in life and knows that a lot don’t get to have those advantages as a child or an adult. He hoped that by creating ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ project it will help society become aware that there are people that aren’t as lucky and need the support of the communities to provide the care needed.

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September 27, 2016

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Andy Wirth’s Focusing Abilities Brings Brighter Future to Squaw Valley

CEO Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has an incredible ability to focus. It is that ability that he uses throughout the day to be incredibly successful. Everyone could learn a lesson from his extraordinary ability to focus.

When you first meet Andy Wirth you may notice that he is missing his right arm. He lost that arm during a skydiving accident in October 2013 that left him literally hanging in a vineyard fearing that he would die. At that time he did not know if rescuers would be able to get to him in time, but he focused on staying alive. His grandfather had taken him into the mountains many times as a young boy to teach him survival skills. As a young man, Andy worked as a mountain firefighter. Using the skills that he learned from his grandfather and as a firefighter, he focused on keeping calm and staying alive until help could arrive.

Life has changed since that day for Andy, but his ability to focus has not changed. He now dedicates a good share of his time to participating in ironmen events. Here he not only focuses on winning the race for his age division, but also focuses on the good that these events do for those less fortunate around him. He has even brought some of events to his ski resort. Andy says these events help to take the focus off himself and puts the focus on others.

Andy is also very focused on his job. He tries to come in each day with a positive attitude about what can happen at the resort and in the surrounding area. He realized that those coming to the resort were making a very tough choice. They could choose to enjoy better skiing conditions or they could choose a better atmosphere. Andy began to focus on what would happen if people did not have to make a choice. That is when he had a cup of coffee with the man that could make that change happen. Even though Andy has faced opposition within some community circles, his focus on building a gondola connecting the two resorts has become a reality assuming that the project receives the last governmental approvals needed.

Andy Wirth’s ability to focus is leading to a grand future for the entire Squaw Valley area.

September 27, 2016

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Eric Pulier: Entrepeneur, Philanthropist, Author

Well known philanthropist, Eric Pulier, has been responsible for creating several well known companies and organizations designed to make the world a better place. Born in New Jersey, his early life was spent programming computers and studying literature at Harvard while also taking classes at MIT. He has founded over fifteen companies, including the company People Doing Things, which addresses key issues such as health care and education, through technology.

He created the interactive agency Digital Evolution and the entrepreneur took the lead in the effort to build Starbright World, which is a network that chronically ill children can use to communicate with others and blog. He created this online world in an effort for sick children to express themselves and have a place to go in order to find understanding from other children that were in a similar situation as they were.

Eric Pulier is an philanthropist and donates to several non profit organizations. He often makes donations to organizations that are trying to use technology to tackle a global issue, such as economically disadvantaged communities and permanently disabled children.

Not only is he a philanthropist and a entrepreneur, but he has authored several books, one of which, Understanding Enterprise SOA, helps show business people and technologists what they need to use technology successfully.

Among his other successes, Pulier was also chosen to to create and run the event ‘Bridge to the 21st century,’ which was in celebrate Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s second term run. He designed this event to showcase an array of different issues and how technologies will change these issues in the near future.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to he amount of projects and startups that Pulier has had his hand in.

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