The OSI Group targets Chicago Illinois to provide its high-quality meat services

A premier name in the industry supply of food services is OSI Industries, otherwise known as the OSI Group. OSI Group has been in the original chain sector industry but this hasn’t always been so in the past. OSI (OSI Group) was a thriving organization that had humble roots but now the company has excelled into a food service giant. Now the OSI Group has over 65 facilities in 17 countries and they also have over 20,000 employees that work for them. The OSI Group was like any other corporation when it started out. The company’s owner, Otto Kolschowsky, desired only wanted to provide for him and his family. Otto Kolschowsky was an immigrant who wanted to make a new life for himself in America and he done so by working very hard. He was actually pursuing the American Dream for him, his spouse and multiple children.

Otto and his family were in the butchering business and they had done this trade for generations. He learned his unique set of butchering skills from his father. He applied his butchering trade in the city of Chicago because there was no better place to do so. Chicago was the “meatpacking industry” of the international capital. Otto started his own retail meat marketing business on the west side of the Oak Park region and he simply just wanted to provide for his family. Otto excelled in his customer service skill set and everyone in the area was pleased with his high-quality meat cutting. This was a High German immigrant town.

In a short time, his company was the name to turn to for the best quality poultry and meat in the industry. His companies name was Otto’s Meat Market. Soon after, hotels and restaurants turned to Otto’s company for their meat and poultry needs. Otto expanded his business to include his two sons and he then began to provide meats at a wholesale price. McDonald’s soon turned to Otto & Sons because they offered the best available high-quality meats to their clientele. McDonald’s gave Otto & Sons the business opportunity to provide for their upper Mid-west needs for the state of Illinois and all of the surrounding areas.

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December 26, 2018

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