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Over the years, Beneful has become a widely celebrated brand of dog food products, beloved by canine owners everywhere. They are known for their diverse variety of foods, and have earned a well deserved reputation for their choice chow. In fact, the Nestle PurinaStore Petcare Beneful brand has not only generated billions in revenues, but has climbed to the top of of the dog food totem pole. Beneful established itself through marketing that revolved around proper animal nutrition. Their exceptional products include wet food, as well as dry and canned food, along with a slew of healthy doggie snacks and other treats. In early aughts Beneful launched ‘The Beneful Healthy Harvest’ line, premium dry food that substituted meat based protein with soy. Additionally, Beneful Prepared Meals emerged a year later, offering innovative resealable, multipurpose packaging that doubles as a food bowl. One of Beneful’s most popular offerings is their ‘Healthy Weight with Real Chicken Dog Food’, an especially healthy alternative designed to help adult dogs maintain a healthy weight while getting all the nutrition they need. This selection is comprised of both soft and crunchy bits beloved all kinds of canines. It’s part of Beneful’s Purposeful Recipe line which revolves around healthy grub with a great taste. Another popular choice is ‘Beneful IncrediBites with Real Beef’, another healthy selection perfect for smaller dogs. It is made up of tinier bites, that like all of Beneful’s products doesn’t sacrifice flavor, while remaining nutritious. It’s notably great for pickier dogs who aren’t always keen on dry food. For dogs suffering from dental problems there’s ‘Beneful Healthy Smile Twists’, a savory snack that also serves to rid canine mouths of plaque and tartar buildup, and includes parsley to further help keep your dog’s mouth clean and disease free. Finally, one of their most lauded products is ‘Beneful Healthy Puppy’, a calcium rich blend with DHA which helps ensure strong teeth and bones and contributes to healthy vision and brain function. At the end of the day, if you’re a dog lover you probably love Beneful, a brand that truly cares about your puppy’s health.
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April 20, 2016

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