The Joys of Banking and Finances at a Recent Event

John Holt is a strategic opportunist for banking hope and holds his own in the new M&A conference based in New Orleans. It’s called the Texas Bankers Association’s Fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. It was held on November 7 of last year. Countless panelists and participants showed up to explore strategic opportunities through M&A works as well as through organic bank growth and branching for all. John Holt of next bank was a top panelist at the event.

In terms of commercial banking, Nexbank offers more than most as it holds treasury management solutions, credit services, commercial real estate lending, commercial lending in general, financial institution support, and other unique agency services. In terms of mortgage banking, we are not left out: You can have more wholesale lending, correspondent lending, warehouse lending or even become a client of your own. The fine institutional services offered at Nexbank include real estate advisories, treasury management, public funding, investment bank opportunities, and similar financial institutions that fall under other divisional categories. You may review a bit of each online at Nexbank’s other divisions include Nexbank SSB, Nexbank Securities Inc., Nexbank Title Inc. and Next Wash LLC.

Nexbank CDs

Nexbank’s certificates of deposit offer exceptional returns – even for short terms. A one year certificate of deposit requires $10,000 as a minimum down deposit but yields 1.25 percent APY. Open the CD today, and see what you can save. If you looking for the most safe and secure way to earn without tying your cash in knots for years to come, the next bank CD’s a perfect option for you. Have some of the most competitive rates with flexible terms and automatic rollovers come directly to you. Keep in mind: The terms are flexible but may also change without prior notice.

July 28, 2017

Posted In: Mortgage Banking