Thor Halvorssen’s Model for Activism

Thor Halvorssen has had a rough time trying to raise awareness on human rights. The activist suffered outright physical beating from those who serve tyrants. The Weekly Standard has published an intriguing article about the man and some of the troubles he has had to endure.

Halvorssen has suffered physical beatings from Vietnamese authorities during his global adventures. Friends and family have also suffered similar punishments. When he father tried to expose corruption in Venezuela, the elder Halvorssen’s physical altercations while imprisoned were brutal.

In many parts of the world, things are run by tyrants. Thor Halvorssen works very hard to expose human rights abuses and embarrass those in positions of authority. He runs the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), which is based out of New York City. Halvorssen has made numerous appearances on cable news programs promoting his causes. In doing so, he raised awareness about a host of important issues that are sometimes neglected and unfortunately so.

Halvorssen shares a kinship with dissidents throughout the world. No one should see this as shocking. They all share the same cause. A bit of confusion abounds when it comes to defining Halvorssen’s political leanings. Since he is critical of left-wing dictatorships, he has been labeled a right-wing activist. Halvorssen shuns this label and prefers to use the description “classical liberal”. Libertarians like to use the same moniker.

Ultimately, Thor Halvorssen’s exact political leanings are unimportant. What is important is his ability to shed light on human rights violations and abuses throughout the world.

July 18, 2016

Posted In: Activists, Human Rights Leaders