White Shark Media is a Proven Provider of Innovative Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is one of the top and fastest growing digital marketing firms in North America. It provides unique marketing solutions geared towards addressing challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face. Its online marketing tactics and tools have helped thousands of firms in America to diversify their services and expand their operations.

The digital marketing giant tracks all of its customers’ marketing efforts through various tools ranging from analytics integration, call tracking, proprietary report software, to competitive intelligence.

The marketing agency opened its digital doors in 2011. It was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs with a wealth of professional expertise in online as well as offline marketing.

Despite the experience, massive growth since inception, White Shark Media Review team has been keen in improving the quality of service offered to its clients. The firm has received numerous compliments from its individual and corporate clients including:

1. Kentucky-based Real Estate Agency

This agency has registered a significant growth and incredible online presence by capitalizing on innovative marketing solutions offered by White Shark Media. The Kentucky-based Real Estate Agency has transformed into one of the fastest growing agencies in the real estate industry. Its AdWords campaign has transitioned from being a concept to a campaign producing a high return on investment within four months of working with the digital marketing giant.

2. Arizona-based automotive service
Lauren Lawson was the direct contact person for this firm, and she received a 5-Star review. The Arizona-based automotive service has been a client of White Shark for more than a year. Its AdWords campaign has resulted in a higher return on investment.

3. California-based catering services
This catering service provider has realized an immense increase in profits and a good ROI since becoming White Shark Media’s client. Its conversation rate has been on an upward trend while the expenses have significantly reduced. According to this client, White Shark’s employees handle questions and inquiries in a professional manner hence awarded them a 5-star rating.

Why White Shark Media is a market leader


White Shark Media offers an opportunity for clients to review the results of their AdWords campaign every month via an online conference tool called GoToMeeting.

This service has been highly praised by many customers. Additionally, customers can seek clarifications by talking with their contact person directly. For instance, Maria is the direct contact person for the Kentucky-based Real Estate Agency.

Better performing campaigns

White Shark Media creates better performing AdWords campaign and keeps track of the existing ones. Experienced supervisors are tasked with the responsibility of providing feedback and overseeing all campaign management.

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August 10, 2016

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